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PTAM Potash America

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PTAM Potash America


Symbol:                                   PTAM .ob


Outstanding Shares:     147.6M

Float:                                               67.6M


Potash America, Inc. (PTAM) is a 2007 founded company based in Reno, Nevada that is impacting the $674 billion Chemical and Fertilizer Industry through the acquisition and development of potash and other fertilizers, specifically rare mineral calcium montmorillonite.


Calcium montmorillonite is a rare mineral that has proven to be one of the world’s most potent and nutrient-filled fertilizers to be discovered and surpass potash that has the capability to create its own multi-billion dollar industry. PTAM is taking full advantage of this rare earth mineral, something no other company has been able to do, as PTAM owns 48 claims comprised of the Montmorillonite Deposit  in Sodaville, Nevada that creates a location worth of $8 billion of the rare mineral including estimates reaching $50 billion. This rare soil contains 67 crucial minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, aluminum, silica, and potassium, that assist in the growth of nutritious, better food, and helps eliminate toxins that can provide farmers with a natural alternative to eliminate chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, PTAM’s montmorillonite deposit claims will assist the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry as a result of the nutrient filled qualities it the organic mineral possesses. PTAM is currently drilling the “Pit #1”quarry to advance their commercial development of the montmorillonite deposits.


In addition to this new commodity, PTAM owns 11 potash claims in Newfoundland, Canada which is the known location to be the world’s largest producer of potash. Potash is known to help boost crop yield, improve plant quality and protect from disease and harsh and extreme temperatures. PTAM’s multiple claims of calcium montmorillonite and potash is allowing PTAM to take full advantage of the current two multi-billion industries with future uses towards the medical and cosmetic industry.




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