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Symbol:                                PWRM.ob


Current PPS:                      $0.0051

Avg. 10day Vol:                 711.6K


Outstanding Shares:       571.6M

Float:                                    489.0M


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PWRM is another medical-related company that has the potential to be equally as profitable as CURX!


Power3 Medical Products Inc. (PWRM) is a Texas based biotechnology company, founded in 1992, which uses superior research methodologies, cutting edge technology and world class quality procedures to unlock the mystery of the development of neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases such as Alzheimer (AD), Lou Gehrig’s disease/ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and Parkinson’s disease. Along with this development, PSWEM provides further research in early detection of breast cancer.


  • Breast cancer affects 1 out of 8 women worldwide
  • 7-10 million people live with Parkinson’s disease throughout the world
  • Out of every 100,000 worldwide, 1-3 people develop ALS
  • Alzheimer’s globally affects over 35 million people


As these numbers continue to rise, PWRM is aiming to pinpoint the origin of these diseases. PWRM focuses on the structure and function of proteins called proteomics. While thoroughly analyzing the proteins PWRM discovered that these biomarkers, the formation of various proteins, could be the cause of certain neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases. As a result, PWRM has developed two diagnostic tests to encourage the early detection of breast cancer, Alzheimer, and Lou Gehrig’s disease.


PWRM’s BC-SERA PRO, is a breast cancer diagnostic test that observes 22 protein biomarkers to detect the cancerous cells before further formation occurs and a biopsy is required. Likewise, NUROPRO is PWRM’s blood test monitoring 59 proteins to provide early detection of ALS, AD, and Parkinson’s disease. With PWRM’s research and technology, physicians can intervene at an early stage of these diseases and delay the progression.


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