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QSPW Quantum Solar Power


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SR&R’s previous solar energy play ISIM gave our members a +35.71% gain and now we have ANOTHER solar play that may give our investors just as much profit, maybe even more!


Quantum Solar Power Corp. (QSPW) has developed a photovoltaic technology, Next Generation Device (NGD), addressing the three leading barriers that are preventing global solar power from being implemented with multiple offices in the U.S and Canada.


QSPW’s NGD photovoltaic (PV) technology eliminates the usage of key components of the traditional PV design today, thus making QSPW’s NGD a cost-effective and a higher efficiency solar power technology alternative. Traditional PV has two categories, Crystalline Silicon (c-Si) and Thin-film , which are designed with the usage of silicon and rare earth elements however, these two components are highly expensive both financially and damaging to the Earth as one is either more powerful and/or expensive than the other. QSPW is created without silicon or the rare earth elements with the capability of being just as efficient as c-Si and at the reduced cost of Thin Film.


Reasons why SR&R foresees QSPW to be a victorious play:

-According to research, the world population will increase to 9 billion by 2050 and as that number increases the demand for energy does as well, especially the demand for “go-green” energy. The global adoption of solar energy is still in its infancy stage and has all the potential to become a major contribution to our world.

-As of 2010, the solar energy market grew to 58% but cannot grow further because of its competition with fossil fuels. Natural gas, oil and coal all derive from fossil fuels and meet 78% of the electrical power demand of today, however the negative and damaging effects outweigh the good. An example of the hazards of fossil fuels was seen in 2010 with the Deepwater Horizon oil well explosion in the Gulf of Mexico (BP spill).

-Fossil fuels do not fall into the category of renewable energy and as negative environmental impacts are on the rise, society is noticing the cost of retrieving and converting is beginning to be quite costly and do not ensure a sustainable living for future generations.

-Even though there are currently other renewable energy alternatives such as geothermal, hydroelectric, and wind power, none of these choices has the capability to supply enough “strength” as solar power. With the use of solar power, the terawatt demand for energy could decrease as much as 68%!

-The renewable energy industry is valued at approximately $115 billion and is expected to increase about $10 billion each year with revenue forecasted to be as much as $325.1 billion by 2018

– The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act established by President Obama offers financial advantages to companies that use alternative energy sources; this gave “go-green” companies $70 billion in direct spending and tax credits for clean energy and associated transportation programs.

Research has proven that the commercialization of clean energy has helped countries around the world pull out of the 2009 global financial crisis; Alternative sources of energy are needed in both good and bad economic times!

-The implementation of QSPW’s NGD photovoltaic technology will cause a HUGE reduction on the terawatt scale and consumer solar electrical costs. With QSPW’s technology, the electrical cost would range from $0.06-0.09/kWH thus creating fierce competition with coal.

-Crystalline Silicon and Thin film, the two traditional PV categories, are having a troublesome challenge in entering the market because the cost of manufacturing solar technology with silicon is too costly. Thin Film is a more practical method but cannot endure the capability of Crystalline and uses rare earth elements such as Indium and Tellurium, which are only found in certain locations of the world. QSPW developed the solution by designing QSPW’s NGD which uses no silicon, no earth elements, cost effective and is more powerful than the traditional PV’s.

-If solar power became the only alternative (replacing fossil fuels) or at least created a major percentage of the U.S electricity production, the U.S solar module market could reach an estimated $200 billion per year equating to a total value of $1 trillion for the global market over the next 40 years!

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