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SAFC SafeCode Drug Technologies

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SAFC SafeCode Drug Technologies


Symbol:                                      SAFC





Outstanding Shares:                     50.0M

Float:                                                  20.0M


SafeCode Drug Technologies Corp. (SAFC) is a 2010 founded medical technology company, based in Jerusalem, Israel, who is focusing on the potential U.S $7 billion annual market addressing medication error.


Research estimates an average 200,000 Americans die every year as a result of medication errors where at least one medication error occurs per hospital patient each day. Similarly, an estimated 500,000 Americans make medication errors themselves while at home. The results of these deaths are often seen as a consequence of human error, illegible handwriting on prescriptions, overlapping product characteristics such as drug strength, dosage and intervals, visually challenged and disabled patients unable to read labels, similar looking container labels, packaging and proprietary and/or generic names.  Accordingly, there is a nationwide conversation on how to better healthcare and prevent these errors. As so, SAFC has created a medical solution to assist the nation in reducing the medication error deaths. SAFC’s patent-pending technology will ensure the appropriate medication will be administered by securing the medical drug into a specially designed locked container that may only be accessed through voice recognition by the patient or caregiver wherefore if the correct and proper name is said; the container will unlock.


SAFC’s new voice technology medical solution has the potential to attract licensees such as manufacturers of drug containers and complementary products, equipment distributors, system vendors and integrators and medical suppliers. Currently, SAFC has already commenced operations to develop SAFC’s first prototype and introduce the SAFC’s unique technology to the world and the Drug Safety Administration. SAFC’s prototype development and technology is forecasted to be completed within the next 4 to 6 months and will accordingly be demonstrated to major global drug container manufacturers for adoption. Concurrently, SAFC has also stated SAFC’s share Buyback Program will commence at the beginning of this current month and will be utilized for acquisitions of companies and/or technology applications in the near future.

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