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SDIR (Super Directories, Inc.)

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sdirSuper Directories Inc. (SDIR) is a New York based development stage company who has designed and developed an Online Searchable Directory with over 2.7 million categories.

SDIR’s Searchable Directory is the largest Human-Edited Internet Directory that assists users in their selected topic search by cross-referencing and displaying over 2.3 million website links from multiple search engines for said inputted search. It is currently known as the largest hotel directory available online as it is host to over 300,000 global hotel listings, with 190,000 additional hotel listings to be added in 2014, and has the potential to generate over one billion page views for this 2014. Additionally, users will not only be able to cross-reference this search yet they will also view over 68,000 search photos and over 920,000 banners. As so, SDIR is actively working to have an additional 1,800 new links inputted into the database so its users, from over 173 countries, can be provided with additional options for their search.

Furthermore, it is the company’s full intention to optimize its Online Searchable Directory into a mobile platform as well. In the meantime, the company has completed its development of its “Super D-beta Voice Technology” that will work with the website for further assistance to the users to verbally search and command the website in multiple languages. Accordingly, the added technology will increase page views, approximately 100 million per month by the end of Q2 of 2014, and additionally increase annual revenues from advertisers by $1.5 million. This technology will work hand in hand with SDIR’s other technology development, a proprietary Email Language Translation Program, that allows the users to use their Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or any email of choice to contact any website, company, hotel, or organization  found on the database.


Symbol: SDIR   [ Current PPS: $0.003   Outstanding Shares: 859.7M   Float: 40.2M   – a/o March 23, 2014 ]

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  • Globally, over 100 billion searches are made every month.
  • Search and Email are the Top Two Internet Activities
  • The Search Engine Industry has an estimated value of over $16 billion.
  • The Global Mobile Advertising Market totaled $17.9 billion in 2013 and is forecasted to reach $24.5 billion by 2016.
  • By 2015, there will be 2 billion global smarthphone users
  • An estimated 30 billion searches are done through a mobile device.
  • Tablet users search 74% of the time; more than any other activity
  • 45% of mobile searches are goal-orientated
  • 17% of people make a purchase after a mobile search
  • Mobile searches are forecasted to exceed desktop searches by 2015
  • Speech Recognition Technology has been actively adapted in the Desktop Software field, specifically by Mac OSX and Windows XP, Vista, and 7, for the use of commanding and controlling the system.


Recent News

  • The company recently announced reported in its 2013 Website Statistics that over 71.4 million users visited the Searchable Directory in 2013.


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