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SNPD Southern Products

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SNPD Southern Products


Symbol:                         SNPD



Outstanding Shares:           111.1M

Float:                                             50M


Southern Products Inc. (SNPD) is a 2010 founded electronics company, based in California, who is focused on the manufacturing and distribution of LCD and LED flat-panel TV’s and peripherals via SNPD’s brand name, Sigmac, for U.S retailers such as Target, Costco, Kmart, Walmart and many more.


Engaged in the design, assembly, import, marketing, and sales, SNPD’s electronic product line consists of 21 flat-panel models that are distributed among the large retailers, as mentioned above, and are assembled in the U.S. Additionally, SNPD has an Original Equipment Manufacturer Agreement with LG Electronics wherefore SNPD has the capability to purchase high quality LG flat panels or other necessary parts directly or via LG Electronics Chinese manufacturer for the manufacturing and assembly of SNPD’s products. With this in mind, SNPD’s product specifications include 1080p screen resolution; 120 Hz refresh rate, and 3D capabilities thus making SNPD’s products comparable to some of the best-selling units in the current market.

As a result, SNPD’s product line has been sought out by these retailers, specifically Costco, where over 5,000 TV’s were delivered to Costco in 2012 with an additional request of 10,000 more units. This demand of SNPD’s product comes to no surprise as various consumers gave  SNPD’s 55” 3D TV a customer satisfaction of 15-out-of-15 5-star rating on just a few weeks following SNPD’s debut on the website.


SNPD will provide further customer satisfaction in the near future as SNPD’s CEO, Edward Meadows, recently Finalized Plans with Suppliers in China to begin production for SNPD’s 2013 Models of LED TV’s along with additional products including Electronic Picture Frames and Android Tablets. SNPD anticipates, as a result of previous orders, Costco will be highly interested in ordering SNPD’s 2013 15”and 32” models while Walmart will steer towards SNPD’s 2013 55” models. SNPD forecasts all products to commence shipping during this current and next quarter.

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