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SNXG (Sunx Energy, Inc.)

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snxg logoSunx Energy, Inc. (SNXG) is a new to the public market, alternative energy production and distribution company offering quality tested, certified, and warrantied energy savings products for residential and commercial applications.

Collaborating with a network of leading manufacturers and installers, SNXG has developed a line of state-of-the-art energy generation and clean energy products with a specialization in complete solar systems and unique solar powered portable generators. Consisting of some of the most efficient solar panels in the market today, the company’s solar products are readily available as grid tied, off grid, ground mount, and roof mount for both residential and commercial needs and is compliant, tested, and certified with the necessary government standards. Similary, SNXG’s portable generator, the SXEnergy Solar Core System, is a state-of-the-art technologically advanced clean energy generator that has become an industry leader for its various applications in residential, medical facilities, trucking industry, RV world, and businesses.

Moreover, SNXG is currently focusing on Expanding its Product Line with additional solar items and new manufacturers that will suit the growing consumer needs.


Symbol: SNXG [ Current PPS: $0.0499  Outstanding Shares: 478.5M  Float: 51M  – a/o March 31, 2015 ]

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  • A recent article details 2015 is the beginning for a large increase in the Solar Energy Market as technology has greatly improved, cost of production has declined, and adoption is spreading.
  • Market analysts forecast global solar installations will increase 30% in 2015 and add 57.3 GW of capacity worldwide – roughly 6.5 GW of solar energy powers approximately 1.1 million homes.
  • In 2014, 36% of new electricity generating capacity in the U.S. was solar energy, an increase from the 29% in 2013.
  • In 2014, a total of 20 GW of solar power capacity was installed in the U.S. to power 4 million homes.
  • The U.S. government has implemented a goal of installing 100 MW of renewable energy in federally subsidized housing.
  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development and the State of California have Announced Efforts to increase solar power solutions and energy efficiency in multifamily housing for 2015.
  • Solar City, NASDAQ: SCTY, is a current residential solar system company in the U.S who currently estimated to grow from 168,000 customers (September 2014) to over 1 million customers by 2018.

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