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TBSS International

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 TBSS International Inc.


Symbol:                                    TBSS.ob


Current PPS:                      $

Avg. 10day Vol:                 353.5K


Outstanding Shares:       150.7M

Float:                                    17.4M


TBSS International Inc. (TBSS) is New Port Richey, Florida based international service company with over 50 years of collective experience in multiple industries that include gold mining, oil drilling, construction, water-well drilling, sonic and horizontal drilling, and production of neon lighting units.


TBSS’s mission is to provide its clients with innovative technologies while reducing and minimizing the global carbon footprint with environmental sound practices. As a result, TBSS has created and successfully maintained contracts with Fortune 500 companies such as Con-Edison and Coca-Cola and Co. TBSS successfully fulfilled Con-Edison’s goal in a 30% reduction of energy consumption in the Tri-state area of New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Similarly, TBSS recently added asset acquisitions from Velella International Lighting Inc. to their portfolio of neon lighting units that included patents, warehouses, and production facilities. In addition to TBSS’s successful contracts, TBSS also increased Coca-Cola’s production at a bottling facility located in New York.


Moreover, TBSS has signed a Letter of Intent to deliver JP-54 aviation fuel and D-2 Diesel products from Rotterdam, Netherlands on a monthly basis as part of broker delivery contracts. TBSS will provide 10-20 million barrels of aviation fuel and will immediately deliver 100-500 thousand barrels.



Reasons why SR&R visualizes TBSS to be a Profit Producing Play:


-As mentioned above, TBSS fulfilled Con-Edison’s 30% reduction of energy consumption but exceeded expectations and created a 60% reduction!; TBSS is obviously an overachiever and knows just how to satisfy a client.


TBSS’s recent signing to deliver barrels by the millions of aviation fuel can contribute to the 7,000 Airlines available globally in which 25-40% of their cost is towards aviation fuel. Likewise, the delivery of diesel fuel supplies 1.25 million jobs and generates $480 billion annually.


-The oil drilling industry is always changing as is any other industry, but TBSS stays one step ahead. TBSS holds a patented water separation system that enables the separation of oil from water in the field thus, it eliminates a large portion of the refining process; TBSS’s patented technology is cost efficient and time effective that can increase production levels.


-In September 2011, the oil drilling industry pitched for drilling more widely. As a result, this could generate 1.4 million jobs and boost tax rolls by $800 billion; TBSS oil drilling sector could contribute to these large numbers.


-Horizontal Drilling has become the preferred drilling direction because it enables the access to oil reservoirs that are located beneath towns, lakes, or a problematic drill geological formation whereas Sonic Drilling uses high frequency vibrations to from the drill string to the drill bit. This allows for less friction, quicker drilling, and less waste material; ln 2011, the U.S Oil Rigs saw a 23-year high record at 777 rigs.


TBSS’s neon lighting units are going to have significant impact in Florida as TBBS has initiated a pilot program for the use of its energy efficient lighting in compliance with the Turtle Conservation Lighting Regulations; Turtle compliant lighting is essential for beachfront properties as Sea Turtles, an endangered species, are protected by U.S statutes during nesting season.


-Artificial lighting distracts and disorients these endangered species from nesting. Consequently, it often dissuades the female sea turtles from returning to their nesting area and if hatching does occur, the hatchlings will head for the ocean but often return, exposing themselves to predators; TBSS is alleviating this problem by providing their energy efficient energy lighting that can assist Mother Nature in preserving this endangered species.


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