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VMRI (Valmie Resources Inc.)

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vmri logo VMRI (Valmie Resources Inc.) is a U.S. company engaged in the commercialization of leading edge products and services in the technology industry including software, hardware, networking, and semiconductors.

Presently, VMRI’s most significant opportunity, through a Significant Acquistion, is its production of hardware and software solutions that allows consumers to collect and analyze high quality aerial data through the use of unmanned vehicles, also referred as drones, to allow business to reach new heights with their decision making. With the use of proprietary technology, the company has created an innovative platform that gives unmanned vehicles, or drones, an improved ability to communicate with the remote hub and mobile devices and has the capability to quickly route predetermined responses, communication critical information to the operator, determine intervention thresholds, and if necessary, deploy solutions in real time. Most importantly, VMRI’s innovative platform can be customized to meet the requirements of each company.

Through assistance of a University’s Agricultural team, the company’s Newly Developed Technology has Successfully Completed its First Flight that entailed numerous assessments including speed, calibration, and data testing. However, while this is the first of many test flights, VMRI’s commercial drone technology will soon be utilized by the Mexico-based Monitoreo Especializado Agricola de Jalisco S.A to monitor agricultural operations in Central and South America. Furthermore, the company has recently announced it has begun its research in adapting its drone technology to the Search and Rescue Industry to reduce search on foot and manned aerial search.


Symbol: VMRI  [ Current PPS: $3.09  Outstanding Shares: 59M  Float: 59M  – a/o April 20, 2015 ]

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  • The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has proposed initial regulations to integrate unmanned aerial vehicles into the U.S. airspace.
  • According to The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, The total impact of the U.S. Commercial Drone Industry is expected to exceed $82 billion by 2025.
  • The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technology is estimated to exceed $98 billion.
  • According to CNBC, venture financing in drones more than doubled to $108 million in 2014 anticipation of the exploding consumer demand.
  • While the use of drones is commonly associated with the U.S. military, commercial enterprises are increasingly finding new uses.
  • The Top 4 industries set to benefit from drone technology are Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Insurance, and Law Enforcement however other industries that can additionally benefit include wildlife surveillance, forestry, news reporting, public service applications, humanitarian campaigns, and infrastructure surveying.
  • 80% of the commercial market for downs will eventually be utilized for farming purposes.
  • The use of drones gives farmers the ability to quickly identify pests, diseases, weeds, and spacing issue, measure erosion, and increase production yields.
  • With the global population actively increasing, farmers will need to produce more with less.
  • Oil and Gas companies are utilizing drones to search for high value minerals and precious metals, remediation, survey property, detect and asses oil spill, pipeline monitoring and much more.
  • Insurance companies can send the drones to disaster areas to assess the damage quicker and fulfill the claims in a timely fashion, saving time and money.
  • Law Enforcement can use the assistance of drones for search of suspects or missing persons, accident or crime scene investigation and documentation, explosive and bomb disposal response and more.


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