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VTMB (Vitamin Blue, Inc.)

vtmbVitamin Blue, Inc. (VTMB) is a Costa Mesa, California water-board sports company who designs, manufactures, and markets water-board sportswear and accessories and additionally entered in a new multi-million market.


Symbol: VTMB   [ Current PPS: $0.003   Outstanding Shares: 683.4M   Float: 45.3M   – a/o September 15, 2013 ]

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VTMB provides all surfing enthusiasts a wide range of sportswear apparel, accessories, and related products including board shorts, t-shirts, board bags, and rack bags, which may also be customized as requested by the consumer, which can be currently found for purchase on the company website, Amazon, and Ebay. Resulting from this commitment to producing premier quality and athletic products, the company proudly manufactures a large portion of their apparel and accessories in-house and has created VTMB’s opportunity to manufacture products for over a decade for other popular companies such as Bark Board Inc., King Paddle Sports, Icons of Surf, and is the Exclusive Supplier for Quickblade Inc.


However, in addition to the company seeing over 25% increases in sales year after year, VTMB has recently developed a New Business Plan for a growth into the Marijuana Market via the Hemp and Organic Clothing Industry, Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, and Edible Marijuana products that will coincide with the company’s growth strategy to Achieve Over $50 million in Revenues in the next five years.



  • According to a Report by Global Industry Analysts, the Global Surfing Industry is forecasted to total $13.2 billion by 2017.
  • Additional reports by the same company predict by 2017 the Global Market for Boardsports will reach $19.6 billion.
  • Hurley International, a well-known supplier of water-board sportswear and accessories generated over $171 million in revenues in 2008.
  • U.S sales in Organic Fiber Linens and Clothing reached $203 million in 2006 and is now largely expanding to designer fashion, denim, fashion t-shirts, shoes and accessories, and organic infant wear.
  • Hemp seed, fiber, and oil are used today as a raw material by major companies such as Ford Motors, The Body Shop, and Patagonia.
  • According to the Hemp Industries Association, the U.S Hemp Industry in 2012 was valued at $500 million in annual retail sales and continues to grow.
  • The Medical Marijuana Market is a $40 Billion per year industry with some internal estimates placing it over $100 Billion.
  • Current distributors and retailers have mastered the techniques needed to prepare a wide range of edible products for patients.


Recent News

  • Additional products and offerings have been added to Amazon and Ebay as a result of a recent 500% increase in sales from both websites.
  • VTMB recently Received a Purchase Order for hemp t-shirts valuing over $270,000.
  • The company has created a New Subsidiary, Vitamin Green, which will exclusively focus on the company’s hemp and cannabis products.
  • They also Became An Exclusive Supplier to Infinity Surfboards in California


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