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WBSI WebSafety

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WBSI WebSafety


Symbol:    WBSI .ob


Outstanding Shares:  84.2M

Float:                           35.4M



WebSafety Inc. (WBSI) is a 2006 founded company that engages in the marketing, selling, and distribution of mobile phone child protection and parent notification software solutions to prevent texting and driving, cyber-bullying incidents, and explicit or degrading messages.


WBSI’s next generation of anti-cyber bullying software and child safety technology is divided into two sectors, Parental Monitoring and Safety Zone. WBSI’s Parental Monitoring is providing parents and guardians with the capability of disabling certain smartphone features such as texting, chat, emailing, social networking, and web browsing while the vehicle is in movement at the configured speed chosen by the parents and guardians. When the phone’s GPS senses movement, WBSI technology will automatically activate and may only be disabled by the enabler (the parent). In addition, WBSI’s application can administer a “Where Are You” feature by creating a location boundary that allows the parents to choose a geographic area the child is permitted to roam. If the child steps outside the boundary, WBSI will instantly notify the parent via email and text message and include information with an exact real-time location.


Available to work on all major wireless operating systems such as Android and Blackberry, WBSI has the world’s largest, most comprehensive word recognition library with advanced capability to filter through 22,000 words and phrases, including “slang”, which involves potential cyber bullying, sexting, or other harmful and suspicious activities. As a result, WBSI’s technology will be available to AT&T authorized dealers in the state of Michigan, beginning May 1st.




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