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WTFS Xinde Technology

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WTFS Xinde Technology


Symbol:                         WTFS .ob



Outstanding Shares:      240.0M

Float:                                         72.0M


Xinde Technology Co. (WTFS) is a 2007 founded company based in Weifang, the People’s Republic of China who designs, develops, manufactures, and commercializes fuel injection pumps, small generator units, and multi-cylinder diesel engines.

WTFS partakes in the $100 billion diesel engine and parts market of China as WTFS is a well-known and respected designer and manufacturer of internal combustion engines and parts. As so, WTFS is the recent owner of approved patented diesel engine technologies that include the Diesel Engine FIRCRI Common Rail Electrically-controlled Fuel Injection System. WTFS’s one of a kind technology is providing diesel engines the ability to operate efficiently with less fuel as a result of higher compression rates thus producing greater power with a reduction of fuel. In combination of WTFS’s high pressure direct injection system, diesel engines may now effectively reduce the amount of greenhouses gases it releases during combustion and produce cleaner emissions. In addition, WTFS’s Weifang Hengyuan Oil Pump and Nozzle was recently granted two utility model patents for WTF’s injection pump regulator and clockwise regulator which are used in diesel engines that will automatically decrease or increase the oil volume within the engine according to the change in the load on the diesel engine. WTF’s regulators allow diesel engines to run at a stable speed of rotation and lengthen the service life of diesel engines while conserving energy at the same time.

Moreover, WTFS anticipates that with minimal modifications, WTFS’s technology of fuel injection system may be upgraded to meet the Euro IV/V emission standard. With this goal set in mind, WTFS technology was recently awarded with the title of the Shandong famous trademark. This trademark is a comprehensive recognition given by the Shandong Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce who honored WTFS for their quality, efficiency, development and contribution to the market.



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