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YTRV Yaterra Ventures

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YTRV Yaterra Ventures


Symbol:       YTRV



Outstanding Shares:       14.1M

Float:                                         9.9M


Yaterra Ventures Inc. (YTRV) is a 2006 Lubbock, Texas founded exploration company that engages in acquiring, exploring, and developing mineral properties, such as gold, copper, silver, lead, uranium, zinc and other rare earth minerals; as well as oil and gas properties.

Present within YTRV’s Humboldt County, Nevada location is YTRV’s 10 mineral claims known as “Blue Jack” property and extends over an estimated 206 acres. Additionally, YTRV has another 20 acres designated as YTRV’s “Minnie Claim” property located in Leecher Creek Mining Division in the State of Washington.

Outside of the exploration of mineral properties, YTRV also directs its focus towards the acquisition and production of oil and gas, primarily in Texas’s Permian Basin and the Bend Arch Fort Worth Basin or known as the “Basins”. However, YTRV is further extending its exploration to the highly sought out Marcellus Shale in Western Pennsylvania as YTRV is in its final terms on an agreement which includes over 150 wells across an area of 1,600 acres and happens to largely extend within the Appalachian Basin that is estimated to have oil reserves in excess of 330 million barrels.  YTRV’s soon-to-be acquired property is currently producing 6 to 10 barrels of oil per day, yet YTRV is determined and confident YTRV can increase production level between 20 to 40 million barrels per day. With this in mind, YTRV is actively organizing to form an YTRV wholly-owned subsidiary that will oversee YTRV’s lease opportunities throughout the nation so that YTRV may take full advantage of the U.S’s recent domestic oil boom.

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