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The Future Looks Rosy with Pink Sheets Stocks

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Pink Sheets Stocks

Catch a Rising Star with Pink Sheets Stocks

For many investors, pink sheets stocks offer a way to generate large returns from a small portion of their overall portfolio. Because so many other segments of the market are stuck in holding patterns, much of the profit traditionally enjoyed by investors has dried up, leaving them in search of ways to keep the revenue flowing until the taps on ordinary stocks and bonds start to flow again.

Looking at Pink Sheets Stocks in a New Light

While it is not advisable to bet the farm on OTC issues, here are some intriguing candidates for pink sheets stocks that might be worth a nibble.

• Positive ID, PSID, is an OTC:BB stock that has contracted with the Department of Homeland Security for work on the new BioWatch Generation 3, Phase II project designed for the detection of pathogens and other biological risk factors. In addition, they have expanded their commercial product line into pathogen detection as well, on top of their regular diabetes and medical testing items.

• Agree with it or not, marijuana stocks offer an interesting opportunity to investors due to recent changes in the legal framework. Medical Marijuana, Inc., MJNA, has been perfecting a new chewing gum-style delivery system and has moved it into near distribution status that could free cannabis users from the stigma associated with the characteristic smell of the smoke, which some individuals look down upon.

• US Graphite, USGT, symbolizes a return of mining and manufacturing capabilities to the United States. Its newly developed graphite mining and extraction processes are of major importance to new battery technology.

While ordinary investments wait for news out of Washington or Brussels before setting sail once again, pink sheet stocks are already catching the breeze.

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