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The Right Penny Stock Picks

Penny Stock Picks

Making Penny Stock Picks

When you make penny stock picks, you should not allow momentary whims to guide your actions. Instead, you should follow some clear rules about how you will allot your resources. Some rules are general and everyone can apply them. However, each individual has his or her own goals for investment so you will have to determine some guidelines for yourself.

When you begin making penny stock picks for yourself, you will have to retain some of the wisdom that you may have picked up while trading securities on Wall Street. You will also have to ignore some of your finely honed instincts when it comes to choosing investments.

For example, you are simply never going to know completely about any of your penny stocks. Most often, your purchases will be guided by data that you derive from price performance analyses performed by software on your computer. You may never even know what the company does before you buy it and sell it. This is normal for the penny stock market.

Penny Stock Picks for 2012

The penny stock picks of 2012 come from a variety of different sectors in the world economy.

• Samson Oil & Gas. This company has shown a potential for leaving the penny stock world. It hit $3 last year but has since retreated from that price.

• Goldfield Corp. The breakout price for this precious metal stock this year will be $1.75.

• Recon Technology .This is another stock that hit $3 recently. However, it has since dropped below $2 and that is near its breakout price if you want to consider buying it again.

These are just three of many good penny stock picks for 2012.

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