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Evaluating the Top Penny Stocks for 2011

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Counting Down the Top Penny Stocks for 2011

top penny stocks for 2011

The year is entering its final quarter, and now is the time to evaluate the top penny stocks for 2011. Penny stocks create a tricky atmosphere in which to invest, due to their potential for both high yields and drastic losses. Succeeding in this market sector requires a large amount of research and discipline. You need to know which stocks to choose, and when to buy and sell. The following stocks are some of the most promising for the remaining quarter of 2011.

The 3 Top Penny Stocks for 2011

Greenshift Corp. (OTC: GERS) is now trading even with 5 million shares, and is one of the top penny stocks for 2011. Recent news hints that the company is filing motions to amend its complaints against all defendants involved in the infringement of its corn oil extraction process. Keep your eye on this one, as there is sure to be some dramatic movement in the near future. Next 1 Interactive Inc. (OTC: NXOI) is testing a new video on demand platform in conjunction with RealBiz Media. The test launch was a sweeping success. The stock is up more than 100% on its 6.89 million shares. This is another hot pick for 2011. AlumiFuel Power Corp (OTC: AFPW) is up 33.3% on 32.9 million shares. A new hydrogen generation subsidiary, called AlumiFuel Power Inc. is based out of Pennsylvania, and has recently been awarded a hefty contract with the US Air Force. The contract involves delivery of a Portable Balloon Inflation System. It is believed that this contract will lead to more purchases globally. Keep AlumiFuel on your radar for big gains this quarter. It is certainly one of the top penny stocks for 2011.

It is easy to get comfortable trading the same companies throughout the year. If you grow to complacent, however, you may miss out on rewarding opportunities with some rising stars on the market. Evaluate the top penny stocks for 2011 to determine if any of them are worth your investment.

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