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Using a List of Hot Penny Stocks to Your Advantage

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List Of Hot Penny Stocks

Using a List of Hot Penny Stocks

When you use a list of hot penny stocks, you can gain an advantage over the other penny stock investors if you use it the right way. A good list of such stocks will do more than simply regurgitate names and prices. The best list will include a stock profile that gives you some background information on the company and some data about its price performance.

A Brief List of Hot Penny Stocks

Here is a list of hot penny stocks that you should watch right now. These stocks come from every sector of the market. If you are investing a lot of money in the penny stock market, you should follow the same advice about diversifying that you will hear when you are investing in other stocks. Do not sink all of your investment money into the same penny stock sector.

•             Sirius Satellite Radio is a little big for a penny stock but that is due to its success. If you get into it now, you might ride with it into the respectable range of stock prices and make a lot of money on the way. It is presently trading at just over two dollars. You do not need a calculator to figure out that even a 10-cent surge in price generate huge returns for the smart investor.

•             If you buy StemCells Inc. you can capitalize on the craze for medical technology stocks. This stock is trading for a little more than $1.40 per share right now. The company has a market capitalization of more than $36 million.

•             Investing in ATP Oil & Gas lets you take advantage of the surging interest in energy stocks. With more than 50 million shares in circulation, this is one of the larger options on this list of hot penny stocks to buy.

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