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Using Penny Stock Tips from Different Sources

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Penny Stock Tips

Where to Find Penny Stock Tips

There are two good ways to get penny stock tips. You can find newsletters on the web that relate data about opportunities in the over-the-counter (OTC) market. Even in today’s fast-paced age of information technology, however, the best penny stock tips are still spread by word of mouth.

Newsletters have a spotty record with regard to accuracy about penny stocks. Some of them are designed to create a lot of hype about undeserving stocks. After enough people buy into the penny stock, early investors sell off their shares for profits and leave newer investors holding the bag. Some newsletters, however, do a good job of providing penny stocks tips that are reliable.

Word-of-mouth is always a good way to get penny stock tips if you have learned to trust the source. In the tight-knit world of the penny stock market, you have to rely on people because there is so little public information available about the companies behind there equities. It takes time to find trustworthy individuals but they are worth their weight in gold once you discover them.

What to Do with Penny Stock Tips

If you find sources that you can trust, use your penny stock tips to make your final investment selections. No matter how much trust that you put into your sources, though, you should still follow three basic rules about investment.

• Diversify — Never invest in less than five stocks with the whole amount that you allot to your penny stock investments.

• Restraint — Do not invest money that you are not willing to lose.

• Limit Orders — These investment tools keep you from sinking too much money into rapidly changing stocks.

Combined with accurate penny stock tips, these guidelines can lead you to consistently profitable investments.

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