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2015 IPOs To Watch

An Overview of The 2015 IPOs To Watch

2015 IPOThere are a number of 2015 IPOs to watch over the course of 2015.   While 2015 may not have a blockbuster Initial Public Offering (IPO), there are quite a few brand name companies that are set to undergo IPOs during 2015 and warrant keeping an eye on. One thing that is different about the 2015 IPOs compared to recent years is that while there will be quite a few technology company IPOs, many of the better known IPOs will actually be in the retail sector.

2014 was a banner year for IPOs with IPOs on Wall Street reaching their highest level since the Internet dot-com bubble year of 2000.   This is not to say that the number of IPOs indicate that we are reaching bubble levels in the stock market. Unlike 2000, few recent IPOs have raced higher on their IPO day. Also unlike the dot-com era, most companies going public now have actual revenues and sound business plans. There also is a lack of euphoria in the IPO market. Outside of huge IPOs, such as Alibaba’s (NYSE: BABA) record breaking $22 billion 2014 IPO, the IPO market has been lacking in investor over-confidence, which is a good thing, since investors bidding IPOs to astronomical levels is a sign of a top in the IPO market.

The 2015 IPOs To Watch

Party CityThe IPO landscape in 2015 has plenty of technology companies, some of which are not so well known to the average investor. However, it also has a number of retail companies that are well known for their presence in certain sectors of the retail world.

Here is a look at some of the 2015 IPOs that will likely garner the most attention from IPO investors and are worth keeping an eye on.

  • Shake Shack, which is actually a hamburger chain, is planning an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange using the symbol SHAK.
  • Party City is considering a 2015 that comes at a time when there is a lot of interest in retailers that sell party and craft items.
  • Etsy is an online retailer of crafts that are made by ordinary people and sold through the Etsy online marketplace. While an Etsy IPO will not be a huge Internet IPO in 2015, it could be one of the more interesting ones.
  • Uber Inc, the alternative taxi service that runs online, is likely to be the most exciting Internet IPOs of 2015. Wall Street is excited about the Uber IPO because the company operates in a market that is unique and does not already contain a publicly traded company.   There are reasons to be excited about the Uber IPO. Uber posted approximately $213 million in revenue during 2013. Uber claims that their revenue growth is very strong and is doubling every six months. Uber’s high growth rate and connection to the Internet will garner a lot of investor interest in its IPO. The company is valued at $40 billion based on private offerings that have been completed prior to 2015.
  • Spotify is another Internet IPO that will garner investor attention during 2015.   Although Spotify operates in a crowded space, it has become the leader in music streaming, with 12.5 million paying subscribers throughout the world in late 2014, which is more than double the number of paying subscribers the company had in 2013. The company also boasts an impressive 50 million non-paying subscribers that have the potential to become revenue generators in the future.   Spotify had approximately $577 million in revenue as of 2012, which is the latest year in which revenue information is available.
  • Inovalon Holdings Inc. is a not so well known IPO on tap for 2015 that is in a very hot sector of the stock market. The company provides data and analytical services to the healthcare industry. The company is heavily involved in health-related research studies. Their data and analytical services are used by many in the healthcare industry to assess their effectiveness as providers of healthcare. Unlike many Internet IPOs, the company is profitable, with $51.9 million in income reported through the first nine months of 2014, which is nearly double what the company reported as income during the same period of 2013.
  • Pinterest is a popular Internet based social media company that has yet to go public.   Given that the company is in the hot social media sector of the Internet, its IPO is likely to be greeted with some enthusiasm from IPO investors. Based on private placements, Pinterest has a valuation of $5 billion.


  • Snapchat, the Internet based social media company that is popular with teenagers, has turned down $3 to $4 billion dollar offers from social media titans Facebook and Google. With a valuation based on private placements of $10 billion, Snapchat’s rejection of those offers appears to be a good move. Snapchat is ready to unleash its value during 2015 via an IPO.   This one may be one of the hotter Internet IPOs of 2015.
  • GoDaddy Inc. has moved beyond just being a web hosting company and now sells e-business services and software as well. The company boasts more than 12.2 million customers. Despite the company’s ongoing losses, a GoDaddy IPO is expected during 2015.
  • Xiaomi Inc. is one of the most interesting IPOs that is expected in 2015. Although not well known, Xiaomi is the third biggest manufacturer of smartphones in the world. The two companies ahead of them are Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) and Samsung (OTC Pink:   SSNLF). Being a Chinese manufacture, Xiaomi is well positioned to capture sales in the fast growing smartphone market in China.
  • Dopbox is one of the most exciting 2015 IPOs to watch in since the company is one of the leaders in the fast growing cloud-based storage Internet sector. Dropbox’s IPO should garner a great deal of interest from Wall Street.

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