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Bats Global Markets (BATS) IPO: The Buzz, The Speculation and The Opportunity

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Bats Global Markets (BATS) IPO Announcement

bats global markets (bats) ipoNot long before the Bats Global Markets (BATS) IPO  was announced, things were not looking good for the company. Although it had been experiencing steady growth, the industry had gone through numerous consolidation efforts that made BATS’ future uncertain. Many thought it would become the target for yet another takeover and investors were beginning to balk at the prospect of buying new shares. While the company was expected to give in and accept its fate, things took a surprise turn when it instead announced its intention to go public.

In May 2011, it was announced that the Bats Global Markets (BATS) IPO was intended to raise $100 million to aid in the company’s growth. Far from the expected takeover, BATS’ announcement showed that it instead intended to expand. The IPO is set to be released in early 2012 and many investors are waiting on the edge of their seats to snatch up a share in this audacious company.

Investing in the Bats Global Markets (BATS) IPO

If you are planning to invest in the Bats Global Markets (BATS) IPO, you may have to move quickly. While many IPO’s are greeted with reluctance and mistrust, BATS’ boldness has sparked the imagination of many investors. People want to see this company succeed and they are waiting in line to help it, and themselves, out. While this is great news for BATS, it means that IPO shares will be in high demand and are expected to run out quickly. This means that if you want to take advantage of low initial prices, you will have to jump on the stocks as soon as they are made available. As a stock exchange company, BATS has proven itself knowledgeable in the areas of creating buzz and managing investments. If you want to take advantage of this great opportunity, you will have to move fast to buy the Bats Global Markets (BATS) IPO.

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