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Sneak Peak at IPO 2012 Outlook

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Facebook IPO to Headline the IPO 2012 Calendar

IPO 2012As the stock market continued to recover, 2011 was a much better year than 2010 for companies going public via an Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), with $24.3 billion being raised from IPOs in 2011 versus $9.4 billion in 2010.  2012 will likely be an even bigger year for IPOs than 2011, with the blockbuster Facebook IPO set to headline the IPO 2012 calendar.

Facebook is the well known social networking website founded at Harvard by Mark Zuckerberg and three classmates.  With over 750 million active users, the pending Facebook IPO has generated a buzz in the Wall Street IPO market that rivals other famous Internet IPOs, such as Google, eBay, and Amazon.  While it is impossible to put a valuation on the total value of the pending Facebook IPO, some reputable stock market watchers have stated that by 2012 Facebook may be worth more than $100 Billion based on projected revenue and earnings growth.

There has been much speculation regarding when the Facebook IPO will occur.  It now appears likely that IPO 2012 calendar will include Facebook, most likely by the spring of 2012.  This is because the United States Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a requirement that private companies with more than 500 private investors disclose financial information that public companies are required to disclose.  Facebook is expecting to have more than 500 private investors by the end of 2011, which would require Facebook to start publicly disclosing financial information by April 2012.  This may force Facebook management’s hand to go public via an IPO in the spring of 2012.

Other Notable Companies on the IPO 2012 Calendar

Other notable IPOs on the IPO 2012 calendar include:

  • Yelp:  Yelp operates a local search and social networking site that offers user reviews and daily deals on local products and services.  Yelp has an estimated 50 million unique visitors per month.  Yelp’s revenues have been reported to be $30 million in 2009 and $50 million 2010.  In the wake of the IPO in late 2011, Yelp should be well positioned for its 2012 IPO.
  • Univision:  Univision is the largest Spanish language television network in the United States with nearly 9 million viewers per day.  In March 2007 Univision was purchased by a consortium for $13.7 billion.  With the Spanish speaking portion of the United States population increasing rapidly and Spanish speaking consumers highly sought by advertisers, the Univision 2012 IPO should be well received.
  • The Gilt Groupe:  Gilt is the Internet’s hottest destination for luxury brand online sales.  Gilt offers luxury designer brands at 40 to 60% off retail prices, targeting bargain shoppers that have a taste for high end products.  Gilt has 3.5 million members, and has a high rate of membership and revenue growth.  Gilt will likely be one of the hotter IPOs on the IPO 2012 calendar.
  • Bats Global Markets (BATS):  BATS, which stands for Better Alternative Trading System, currently operates two stock exchanges in the United States., the BZX Exchange and the BYX Exchange.  As of September 2011, the BZX Exchange and the BYX Exchange account for about 10 to 12% of all United States daily equity trading volume.  BATS has aggressive growth plans, including obtaining permission from the SEC to allow listing of securities on their stock exchanges and continued expansion in international markets.  Since the BATS IPO will be the first exchange IPO in United States over the past several years, it should be a well received IPO on the IPO 2012 calendar.

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