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MediaMath Invests in Tiqiq, Will Newest Addition Go Public?

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mediamath invests in TiqIQ

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As always Stock, Rock, and Roll will continue to bring you the latest developments in the initial public offering (IPO) world. This week’s news spotlights an up-and-coming ticket purchasing platform and marketing group. As MediaMath invests in Tiqiq many are wondering if the new event platform will go public, or stay privately funded. To understand what this means for the involved parties, I did a little bit of digging to see what kind of waves this “Tiqiq” has been making recently, and just what MediaMath really did. I also came across MediaMath’s possible motives for investing in this new platform as they may integrate one of their products to expand their pull of consumer data. What everyone wants to know though is what Tiqiq is currently valued at (if known) and what the possibility is of seeing this company go public in 2013.

Keep reading to see what else I was able to uncover…

What is TiqIQ?

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In the past I was an avid concert and event attender and have become familiar with how the likes of StubHub, LiveNation, and TicketMaster works. That being said I was completely unaware of such a platform as TiqIQ. Emerging into the saturated event industry in 2011, TiqIQ’s number one mission was to make ticket purchasing much “more transparent, efficient, and simpler.” I know I’m not the only one to be a victim of the “surprise” Surcharge and Convenience Fees. Adding the ticket value with the tax, and potential shipping charges usually results in an unhappy buyer spending anywhere from an extra $10-$25 on their tickets. TiqIQ provides all of their potential ticket purchasers with real-time information on the most recent pricing trends while also giving them access to promotions and great deals they can receive from TiqIQ’s community of sellers. It’s easy to see why they’ve grown so much in the past two years, spanning all sporting, theater, and music events in almost every state.


What is MediaMath

After understanding the potential power of TiqIQ, I went to see what MediaMath was all about. They were founded in 2007 and niche themselves as “the new breed of marketing professionals.” They’ve identified the fact that today’s marketing is much different than what old-school marketers have applied for decades. The biggest factor that MediaMath focuses on is consumer data to understand behavior and opportunities. Taking their insights, they convert it into integrated marketing strategies across all platforms. Setting goals they want to accomplish with each campaign, MediaMath identifies their client’s target audience in addition to the best type of media platform to use to reach their set goals. Through analyzing data and optimization they are constantly reporting to their clients what is working and what doesn’t. They’ve also invented what they call a “Demand Side Platform (DSP)” called TerminalOne.


Why Did MediaMath Invest in TiqIQ?


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It seems apparent that MediaMath has all intentions of using their new product TerminalOne closely with their newest investment. By collaborating with a leading event search engine, TerminalOne will allow their customers to access exclusive data that reaches over 30 million sports, music, and theater fans throughout TiqIQ’s network. MediaMath and TerminalOne not only have to analyze, but also more than 1,000 event-type fan websites which include various music, local, and topical publishers and websites. In the span of a day, TiqIQ easily reaches 5 million people through social media platforms, generating more than 1 million intent signals every day. TerminalOne’s integration with TiqIQ will give advertisers and agencies access to fan data so they can develop specific campaigns for target audiences. Advertisers will be able to identify and learn more about the general consumer’s shopping habits and interests which will help them develop better ways to connect with their audiences.

For more about this integration, take a look at BusinessWire’s recent post, here.

How Does This Benefit TiqIQ?

Of all factors pondered, this would be the easiest to answer. As with all companies, TiqIQ’s main benefit to this partnership is additional funding. MediaMath has become a powerhouse in a short amount of time, only taking around $24.4 million in venture funding. They’ve been profitable since last year whose net revenues are currently approximated at $180 million in January.

Will TiqIQ Go Public? Wrap-Up

Even with all of this information uncovered, it’s still too early to tell if TiqIQ or MediaMath will be going public any time soon. MediaMath’s CEO Joe Zawadzki has declined to comment to Business Insider upon TiqIQ’s partnership announcement, as they still need to decide MediaMath’s fate. Who knows, there’s even a possibility of both of these powerhouses going public in the near future!

What are your thoughts on TiqIQ and MediaMath? Are any thoughts of going public premature? Let us know what you think!

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