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Twitter IPO Update, No Longer ‘If’, More Like ‘When’

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twitter ipo update

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Well, it seems like Tuesday was a busy day for Jack Dorsey and the rest of Twitter’s board members. As we move further into 2013, this year’s most anticipated IPO seems to be turning into a reality. Right now, the organization is looking for help, leaving hints at the Twitter IPO launch everywhere. From the recent USA Today article to Entrepreneur’s Tuesday post, all of Dorsey and Co.’s goals seem to be lining up just as they wanted. While I won’t regurgitate information we have overviewed in past posts, I will bring those unfamiliar with Twitter’s current situation up to speed. Consider it the top five key points of the Twitter IPO.

Important Facts About Twitter IPO
1. One of the top Internet 2.0 companies planning on going public
2. Expectations are set for Twitter to make $600 million in revenue during 2013, and $1 billion in 2014.
3. As of March 2013, Twitter’s last valuation was between $9.8 and $10 billion

Aren’t those numbers ridiculous for a social media platform? Then again it’s nothing compared to the wildly exaggerated value of $100 billion that Facebook ended up with. Let’s take a look at the evidence leading us towards the Twitter IPO conclusion…

Twitter Hinting at Going Public

On Monday, USA Today featured a story about how Twitter posted a job listing on LinkedIn for a financial reporting manager. The individual that is hired by Twitter will have job duties that include “preparation of monthly reporting materials, quarterly/annual financial statements and Form S-1 when we are ready to go public.”

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Well, there you go, you heard it straight from LinkedIn’s post. There shouldn’t be any more speculation on whether or not Twitter will transition from private to public. The question on everyone’s mind now is, WHEN will Twitter go public?

At this point, nothing is set in stone just yet. Both Dorsey and CEO Dick Costolo have mentioned separately that Twitter is not really focusing on an IPO at this point. That being said, there is always a finite amount of time you can keep the preparation of the biggest consumer internet IPO since Facebook under wraps. Obviously there is some slight focus on their plans to go public or else they wound’t be posting job listings referring to financial management and planning!

Recent Twitter News

Besides the recent discovery of Twitter’s job posting, board member and Co-Founder Jack Dorsey has recently been in the news as well. In the last few months his other app, Square has also been gaining a lot of traction. Many are now pondering whether or not this social media genius will unleash two Web 2.0 IPOs later this year or early 2014. For more information on the Square IPO, click here.

Would You Invest in Twitter IPO?

twitter ipo update

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Now, as all the hype once surrounded Facebook it seems companies are trying to accomplish the same with Twitter. As the board members fine tune their plan and hire on a Financial Reporting Manager it’s more realistic to expect the Twitter IPO to launch in the 2014 calendar rather than in the remaining months of 2013. For a business who is meticulous on the details, it’s apparent that Dorsey and company are willing to be patient during this process.

To dive into the Twitter IPO deeper, take a look at our Twitter IPO Information post.

What are your thoughts about today’s Twitter IPO update? Will you be investing in this social media giant when they go public? Or will you be avoiding this one like the plague? Let us know!

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