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Bakken Oil Stocks Rival California’s Gold Rush

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Bakken Oil StocksThe Bakken Formation in the Williston Basin stretches across Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Montana and North and South Dakota, covering some 300,000 square miles. Oil industry analysts predict that reserves might total up to five times more oil than drillers recovered during the 1980s boom, so Bakken oil stocks hold the promise of unparalleled returns for investors who choose the right drilling companies’ stocks to buy.

Bakken oil production increased by 16% from May through October of 2012, and the area produces 11% percent of total U.S. oil production. Continental Resources has expanded its reserves by 45% annually since 2009, and engineers associated with the Enbridge pipeline report that the system pumps far less than its maximum capacity and that healthy railroad shipping in the region gives oil companies competitive options for transporting crude oil to refineries.

Consider Investing in Bakken Oil Stocks and Drilling Partnerships

Well-managed drilling companies receive substantial tax benefits and gain drilling skill by partnering with experienced companies to bring new wells online. Investors can make substantial gains by finding partnership drilling companies that combine exploration-management expertise with drilling companies skilled in bringing oil to market. Investors need not buy high-priced stocks from established industry giants to take advantage of the modern equivalent of the California gold rush.

Bakken Formation stocks offer the thrilling prospect of dabbling in the oil industry, one of the most exciting investments. Some excellent companies to consider include GeoResources, Inc., Oasis Petroleum and Tesoro Logistics LP, a pipeline company. The oil industry includes those companies that supply goods and services to exploration and drilling companies, and these stocks often provide better yields than oil companies because they have oil companies over a barrel and face fewer risks because drilling requires equipment and logistical support. Larger oil companies offer solid investments, but these stocks often generate more modest returns than investing in smaller, more aggressive companies.

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