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E Trade Compared to Other Online Brokers

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E Trade

What Is E Trade?

E Trade is an online stock broker. In the past, investors had to rely almost entirely on the services of professional stock brokers. These individuals provided advice about investments and usually carried out the important transactions for their clients. E Trade is part of the leading edge of investment innovation. Accessed through its website, this automated brokerage service facilitates market transactions and even provides tools for investors to use in analyzing potential assets.

E Trade Compared to Other Online Brokers

There are many such online brokers available on the web. E Trade compares favorably to most of them for a few basic reasons. It charges a relatively low rate for each trading transaction conducted through its portal. In addition, it offers a wide selection of investment tools that online traders can use to study the market and particular investments as well.

At $7.99, each trade made through this online broker is fairly reasonable. There are many brokers that charge as much as $10 per trade while others go as low as $3.95. However, the more expensive brokers do not offer much more in the way of investment tools. The less expensive brokers often suffer from a dearth of other benefits.

E Trade also offers a number of lucrative deals that keep new clients flowing into the company. At the moment, this online broker is offering 60 days of free trades to anyone who signs up and deposits $10,000 or more in their account. These same investors can also receive $500 to spur their trading activity right away.

Choosing an online broker is a complex task. After reviewing the advantages offered by E Trade, they are confident that you will conduct your trades through their online service.

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