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Finding Online Stock Brokers for 2013

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Stock Brokers

What Are Stock Brokers?

In previous times, when you spoke about stock brokers, you were referring to actual people. There are still professional stock brokers today. However, if you are making a living at trading stocks daily, you need one of the software platforms that function as stock brokers today.

These online brokers perform many of the functions that professional brokers offer. For a fee, they can conduct transactions in just about any of the international markets. They can also usually do research on the price performance of any potential asset. The one thing that these brokers cannot do is give you advice about your financial choices. When you rely on stock brokers available on the Internet, you must be playing at the top of your game.

The Best Stock Brokers for 2013

Using stock brokers online still costs money, even if they are essentially less expensive than real brokers. Like human stock brokers, they have limitations with regard to the types of transactions that they will help you carry out. The best stock brokers keep down their prices and offer access to a wide range of assets.

• TradeKing

This broker is known for its great customer service. More than 200,000 traders interact via this online platform. In addition to trading, they share ideas and analyses through TradeKing.

• ETrade

Consistently rated in the top five among online stock brokers, ETrade is known for its special offers. Right now, they are offering free trades for up to 60 days.

• Scottrade

The most attractive feature of this broker may be the $7 flat fee for stock trades.

• OptionsHouse

This broker is currently providing new accounts with 100 free trades.

• TD Ameritrade

Unusual among online stock brokers, TD Ameritrade also offers banking services.

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