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Get the Best Online Trading Brokers to Survive 2013

Best Online Trading Brokers

Locating the Best Online Trading Brokers

Finding the best online trading brokers is a priority anytime but it is especially important now. The coming year appears fraught with potential pitfalls. Just holding your ground may be difficult in 2013. If you want to generate returns, you will need to combine efficiency with economy.

The Best Online Trading Brokers in 2013

There are many candidates that could be among the best online trading brokers. It is impossible to single out just one because each investor has distinct needs. The most effective way to find a trading platform combines adequately low rates with generous opportunities to use investment tools for stock analyses. Here is an assortment of such online brokers.

• TD Ameritrade

With a base transaction fee of $9.99, some traders might discount TD Ameritrade immediately. However, this high fee is accompanied by a set of investment tools that is nearly unmatched by any other broker.

• Firstrade

This broker occupies a comfortable middle ground with regard to transaction fees. Firstrade charges just $6.95 per stock trade. Increasing the attraction, they do not charge any additional fees for options trading. While they have the usual charts and graphs, they lack some of the online investment tools that other brokers offer.

• Scottrade

Sometimes simple is best. Scottrade charges a flat $7 for any transaction, including those that involve options. Since this broker also offers a set of investment tools similar to that of TD Ameritrade, many traders rank this among the best online trading brokers.

• eTrade

Charging just $7.99 per trade, eTrade also offers a wide array of analytical extras on their website.

You can find more examples ranked in order at various websites. The best online trading brokers are in constant competition to win your business.

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