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Investment Ideas for the Coming Year

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Investment Ideas

Finding Good Investment Ideas

Good investment ideas are hard to come by when you are just starting out with stock trading. As you gain experience, it will be easier to see where you need to place your money in order to make it grow. Right now, though, you may want some tips about where to invest your money in 2013.

There are many financial concerns about this year. People are looking for places to put their money so they can survive any potential volatility in the market. Unfortunately, many of the traditional refuges are losing their attraction. For example, the bond market is handicapped by talk of a bond bubble coming in the near future. Cash has also lost its appeal. There has been so much money printed lately that inflation may erode the base of any wealth founded on cash supplies.

Some Good Investment Ideas for 2013

There are some old and new favorites that can usually outride any market turbulence. Precious metals are a primary example of good investment ideas for this year. Many large investment firms and even national governments have made large purchases of physical gold in the last couple of years. Well-known investors like Jim Rogers are picking up exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are based on silver and other precious metals.

Energy is another good focus for investment ideas right now as well. As bad as things may get, people are still going to need energy to fuel their vehicles and heat their homes. The big question in energy right now concerns direction. Investors are speculating about whether green energy or traditional sources, such as coal and oil, will be good investment ideas during the next few years.

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