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Investors Need Protection Against Inflation Today

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Protection Against Inflation

Find Protection Against Inflation Now

There are few people left that doubt the need for protection against inflation. The rounds of quantitative easing that the economy has experienced in the last few years have taken some time to develop. However, there is no longer any question that all the printed money is pushing up prices. Even if you conveniently ignore food and fuel prices, as do the government number crunchers, you can still see inflation beginning in other sections of the economy.

With your money in barely performing stocks, you are not really seeing any gains. Unless your investments are doing extremely well, it is not likely that they are outpacing inflation. With proper protection against inflation, though, you could turn this around and restore the health of your portfolio.

What Is the Best Protection Against Inflation?

Precious metals are the best protection against inflation. There are many reasons for this. The primary reason lies in the finite quantity of these metal ores. Take gold as an example. This precious metal is valued in US dollars. When the government prints more dollars, the amount of gold in the world does not simultaneously increase. Instead, you now have a mostly unchanging amount of gold compared to an increasingly larger body of dollars.

When you invest in a precious metal such as gold, you preserve your wealth because it is immune to inflation. If this is hard to believe, consider gasoline prices. A person paying for gasoline with gold ten years ago would now pay less to fill his or her tank today. Even though gas prices have tripled since the turn of the century, gold has gained more than 500% in the same time period. That is why many investors think that gold is the best protection against inflation.

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