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Technology Arc

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We live in the age of technology, where the evolution of our current state of the art tech will be obsolete in the next year or two. The youth of this generation lost in a global economic travesty, remains on the front line of technological achievements. In taking to a coworker about games on our cell phones, birthed a new conversation, less about graphics and cost, to the future of the technology we hold so dear currently. Where are cell phones going? Where have we come from technologically and where are we going? All of the factors of the past and present are the variables that are pertaining to the evolutionary state of where modern technology is heading.

Early Computers

As early as 1936, the first computers came into existence. By the end of the Second World War, the first computers in full operation had very limited computing power and took up entire rooms full of space. In the decades since, the computers have gotten smaller, thinner, and much more powerful. If you had a modern computer or your cell phone and showed it someone of that era, they’d not only laugh at you, they would look at you in complete disbelief and probably think you were crazy. But as we have witnessed via the evolutionary arc of technology, that what was simply unfathomable has become reality.

Modern Computers

Modern computer have broken away from their more traditional composure. They have gotten smaller and sleeker. They have doubled and tripled their ability to compute and process data and information, opening up a new world’s worth of information and searching capability. Consecutiveness between peoples as well as cultures and countries within moments instead of days, months, or years. Modern computers change out on a yearly basis. Think about the amount of money you spent on your tablet or laptop or even desktop, and within the next couple years the amount of money you will drop on the latest and newest piece of technology.

Early Cell Phones

Early cell phones were by today’s standards are ancient dinosaurs that should remain dead and in the past. And understandably so in a sense of fashionable, sleek, or practical application in the day to day. The cell phone essentially finds its roots in the early military walkie talkies, that enabled military high command and strategists to talk with the troops on the front lines. From that the first cell phones evolved, and not by much. The same basic design remained in the civilian side of the early cell phones, as it did on the military side. Range and ability were limited, but freed the average person (whom could afford to have one) from having to be tied to a wired line in order to communicate with others.

Modern Cell Phones

Modern Cell phones are far from their beginning stages and designs. The modern cell phone has loads times as much computing and processing power as the early cell phones, as well as the early computers. Think about it, your smart phone has become less of a phone and more of a computer. Your phone has the ability to stream movies, play and save music files. You can browse the entirety of the internet at the tips of your fingers. They are smaller, touch screen, voice activated; they are modern and slim, sleek and cool, and truly awesome. Modern cell phones have in essence become the culmination of the last 80 to 90 years of technological accomplishments and feats and all that power and achievement is at the average consumers disposal.

The future of Cell Phones and Computers

technology-arc-2The future of cell phones and computers is seemingly endless. But the conditions and concepts of how the future will unfold is unknown, yet very exciting. Already we have seen the arc of technology progress since the mid 1930s, as computers and cell phones have quickly evolved. The smartphone changed the game, allowing for greater processing and computing for the phone itself. When Apple released its first iPhone, it instantly became the state of the art technology that every other manufacturer had to quickly evolve to if they too wanted to remain competitive. Since then, there have four new iPhone generations to hit the market, endless amounts of androids and even Microsoft windows has a few phones out on the market, combining both a seasoned computer company venturing out into the smartphone market. Only very recently have we seen the realization of a long time dream. When Star Trek came out in the 1960s, tech gods have been dreaming for the day when the wrist watch communicator to come into existence. And while the wrist watch mobile phone has come into existence, it still being tied to a traditional cell phone, the frontier of modern technology is still very much, in the words of Robert Frost, “…the path less traveled.” We are still on the forefront of the technological evolutionary scale, and the years to come will be both terrifying and exciting to see where our current tech is headed.

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