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Alternative Stock Options Trading Software

Stock Options Trading Software

Find Some Extra Bang with Exclusive Stock Options Trading Software

Generally, most stock options trading software comes bundled with the across-the-board service provided by all of the major online brokerage houses. Except in unusual cases, such as trading in extremely risky investments like micro-penny stocks, these online trading operations are more than happy to provide every possible convenience for their customers.

However, there are always some traders who wonder if the grass might be a little more verdant on the other side of Wall Street. In the case of options traders, there are not as many independent alternatives as might perhaps be supposed. There are, of course, a few of these ambitious standalone programs.

Standalone Stock Options Trading Software

• Trading Synergy offers a proprietary version of an Elliot Wave and Options Analysis package. For those investors who like to work off of definite metrics, this package could be exactly what they are looking for, since one of the main attractions of the system is the automatic Elliot Wave and Fibonacci calculations it offers.

• Options Xpress is actually a Charles Schwab offshoot, but they deserve consideration for their upfront offer of simulated options trading. New investors can find out for themselves if options are really what they want to do as an investment strategy. Both Barron’s and Kiplinger rate the Options Express package very highly, and accounts are amazingly inexpensive to open. Even if this is not your online broker of choice, it might be worthwhile to check out this full-featured service anyhow.

• OptionVue Systems International is an Indy service provider that has been offering their products to the market for almost 30 years. In a business as fickle as options trading, longevity has to count for something. With a 14-day free trial offer, it will not hurt to find out if this is true or not.

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