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ALTe EV Technology

Crude oil prices have risen and only slightly fallen in recent years mirroring supply and demand. Contributing to higher prices have been world tensions amid ongoing war in or around oil producing nations and more recently the conflict ongoing in Ukraine concerning Russia. With all of that going on, many economists have been discussing how by the year 2023 there will be a worldwide decrease in fossil fuels. More fuel efficient cars have become the norm in many countries but the push for green or renewable energy has really been making a difference in the eyes of consumers. Globally, there are many governments offering monetary or tax break incentives to citizens that invest in purchasing electric or hybrid vehicles. As EV (electric vehicle) technology grows so too does the support of customers looking to buy them and a company by the name ALTe is leading the way in converting conventional vehicles into plug in vehicles.

ALTe TechnologiesALTe

ALTe Technologies is a company that was founded 5 years ago by Tesla Motors Alumni. The company is best known for converting more conventional vehicles into plug in hybrids. The company has maintained its overall focus to be driven at the fleet vehicle industry, in order to make fleet vehicles more affordable to operate and more eco-friendly. ALTe has been developing both hybrid and electric systems since 2009. The company is looking to target countries with higher vehicular traffic as is found in the U.S., China, and developing nations in Asia-Pacific.

The Fuel Efficiency Wars

Right now there is a big competition going on in the auto industry. It is not about who can make the smallest car or most fuel sipping smaller engine. The current fuel efficiency war that is ongoing is occurring between Ford and Dodge Ram in the pursuit to make a more fuel efficient pickup truck. ¬†The trucks that are currently being offered with higher range with combustion engines haven’t yet topped 28 miles per gallon highway. For many auto manufacturers, the only way to cut high fuel consumption is to cut the range and weight of the vehicles that are in question. In some cases like with Toyota and Nissan, these manufacturers were able to turn either an existing vehicle into a hybrid or fully electrically driven and able to keep customers by having a regularly sized vehicle reap the benefits. On the other side, customers are seeing vehicles like the IMEV which is offered by Mitsubishi which comes off like a only slightly larger Smart Car. So the fuel efficiency wars that continue to rage between all the auto manufacturers continues on many fronts as developers try to mix range and cabin room yet maintain an affordable or lowered sticker price.

The Importance of EV TechnologyALTe 2

The importance of EV technology is the customer benefits of this applied technology. ALTe has been looking into manufacturing systems that would make some of the nation’s bestselling and most used vehicles more efficient for their owners to use. Within the last couple of months ALTe has introduced one of their EV systems onto an F150 in an effort to improve fuel consumption, while providing one of the best selling vehicles with an alternative to high gas prices and ever constant costly refueling trips.

The importance of this breakthrough technology if it were to be introduced into the general market would revolutionize the auto industry. Right now electrically powered vehicles offer two things, high cost of ownership and sticker price and a lack of range. Depending on the brand, many people in the general market cannot afford to purchase an all electric vehicle. Often the cost of the technology is a common put off to those that would be the ones truly in need of the better fuel economy. On the market currently there are two types of electric vehicles available, the high luxury as is seen with BMW and Tesla, and the more common brands like Nissan, Mitsubishi, or Toyota. However the sticker price for Nissan, Mitsubishi and Toyota all are upwards of $30,000 which is not cheap and only offered in those models available, many of which are smaller cars. ALTe is a company that if their systems were to be produced on a more grandeur scale, would allow customers to keep their cars and eliminate the rather costly gas powered engine.

ALTe technology has the ability to offer revolutionary changes into the auto world. It would allow the average consumer to achieve what only a privileged few can obtain while maintaining ownership over their current vehicles. The company’s soon to be ability would offer just about anybody the ability to have a longer run with their current vehicle rather than having to give it up due to rising fuel costs. Especially for customers in the US where electricity is subsidized by the government allowing for much cheaper costs in recharging as well as cost effective tax breaks.



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