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The Amazon Fire Thus Far

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The Amazon Fire smart phone was released with the company boasting an excited release and many consumers skeptical of the product. The phone itself costs just as much as the iPhone 5s or the Galaxy S5 around 650 dollars retail or if you pair it up with a two year contract on AT&T you can get the phone for about 200 dollars. The screen is slightly larger than the iPhone and slightly smaller than that of the Galaxy S5. So how is the Amazon Fire smart phone tacking up against the two biggest competitors in the smart phone wars?

The Amazon Fireamazon fire 1

The Amazon Fire phone has a 4.7 inch screen which is slightly bigger than the iPhone 5s screen that is 4 inches and slightly less than the Galaxy S5’s screen with is 5.1 inches. The Fire’s battery life has been deemed as just ok. The battery may actually need to be charged midday depending on the amount of heavy use of the phone, its camera, and the amount of time spent browsing on the internet. The camera isn’t all that different from the other two phones in which the Fire competes with. In fact the aesthetics of the phone resemble much of what is currently on the market, the phone is a slim black rectangle that is slightly heavier than the other two. Actually the Fire’s most standout feature would be the Firefly app that allows customers to use the phone’s camera to recognize the world around them. The app allows users to manipulate the camera to recognize such things as books, videos and video games, food, and other products and then brings the users to Amazon where all the items can be purchased. The phone allows its users to be able to purchase the items around them at the distance of only their fingertips. Many industry experts believe that the novelty from the app is worthwhile but not enough to carry the phone. The uses of the app are all nifty on their own such as using Firefly to identify what movie you are watch or the song you are listening to and then help the user link up to a ticket sales website and buy tickets for the next concert coming up. However there are many people who would like to the use the app in order to better identify the world around them without having to be linked up to Amazon and pressured into buying an item.

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The difference between the Fire and the other phones really isn’t that much of a difference. As explained above, the screens are slightly different along with the primary apps used but there are some other minor differences that set the Fire apart from the iPhone and the Galaxy. The operating system is visually the same with differing features, so the primary menu is set up like a grid. For instance, while the home menu resembles that of the iOS or Android, once the user clicks into the apps they can change what they are looking at by either shifting their wrists left or right. The operating system also favors those who like to game on their smart phones by allowing for more in depth worlds to be built so that the game play is much more enjoyable for the user. Some of the games are more receptive to the user’s head movement and gestures rather than simply just relying on wrist or hand angle movement. There is also a mayday feature that a user can use that allows them to video chat with a live customer service representative to help the user with any issue that they may encounter. Yet the initial consumer feedback was 50/50 since it all depended on the strength of the connection in order to make the mayday call. In short, even when relying on AT&T’s mobile network, if the user couldn’t get a strong enough signal then the feature is pretty much useless.

The question that remains is if all of these features will make that much of a difference between the Fire and the other phones. In the end what the difference of sales will be is not the price point difference or the various little differences between the phones. It doesn’t come down to size or color or even the nicest camera features. The difference between failure and success when it comes to the smart phone wars comes down to the individual consumers themselves. If you like the more traditional phones that allow you to enjoy the piece of technology as a phone among its other features then perhaps you should stay with the current and still top of the line Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy series. If you are more apt to enjoy gaming and newer features such as software that follows the user then the Amazon Fire may be the smart phone you are looking for.


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