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Amazon Releases Fire Phone

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Amazon has finally released their much anticipated new smart phone the Amazon Fire as of Wednesday. The device offers six cameras and a feature called Firefly that offers the user the ability to utilize sound and object recognition to help the owner identify or purchase an item from the online retailer. According to Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos has said that it is time for the smart phone market to be able to choose a top of the line product without it having to be Apple or Samsung.

The Amazon Fire Phoneamazon

The Amazon Fire is as according to the company another choice in the smart phone market for consumers looking for a technologically applicable phone that can do more than the current products being offered. The Fire offers its users 6 cameras that can identify the primary user and the world around it to better serve its owner. The phone is also employing a new software application called Firefly that allows users to identify sounds, songs, and objects in an effort to simplify purchasing via Amazon and the phone. The company is saying that users can take a picture of an item such as students looking at textbooks, which then will use the internet to provide the user with bibliographic information in order for the user to understand more about the item prior to purchase.

The phone itself has some initial features that are currently standard in the smart phones currently and previously offered. The smooth think profile and construction, minimal buttons, and the camera facing towards the user haven’t changed. However, the phone is breaking ground in new technological feats which the company believes will be the difference in making the sale as opposed to falling by the wayside as other brands and models have done in the past. Firefly may be one of the most exciting applications for the smart phone to use, as Amazon has already catalogued over a 100 million items the application recognizes. The phone offers another feature called “dynamic perspective” which uses 4 infrared cameras that can measure where the users eyes and face are located within perspective of the phone. The feature allows for the degree that the phone is tilted to adjust how websites are scrolled through, online video games are played, and a plethora of other functions while on the phone. The dynamic feature interface also allows for the user to view websites, games or their characters, or art to be viewed in a 3-D perspective on its 4.7 inch screen.

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Amazon understands that they will not control the market just by throwing in a newly technologically appealing and savvy product. However the company is confident that their product will appeal to a very specific kind of customer, one that they view is both a cost effective and profitable. Bezos stated that “We wanted to make a device that’s great for one person…It’s like a certain person likes chocolate and another person likes vanilla. The customer can choose.”

The current version of the phone lists the entry level trim at 199 dollars and a two year contract with AT&T. The phone comes with a standard 32 gigabyte memory doubling that of Apple’s standard 16 gigabyte iPhones. The Fire also comes with a year of free Amazon Prime membership, which would normally cost Amazon customers 99 dollars per year. The company has said that it understands the introductory phone may come in at the premium price listing with top of the line phones, but the incentives that accompany the phone are well worth the cost. Bezos has been insisting that the company wants to play in the premium phone market and is aggressively approaching the market with a product that already out performs all competitors currently engaged in that category.

Industry analysts agree that the Fire is breaking into a market that has long been held by two of the industry giants Apple and Smasung, who won’t be so easy to knock off their thrones. Many are wondering if the technology will not only out perform its competition, but the need it hopes to fulfill within the customer base. Many experts agree that customers are less concerned with the latest technology as long as the phone makes life easier at a lower cost. The performance of the phone will most likely be gauged by already loyal Amazon customers leading many to wonder if the company is looking to acquire new customers or satisfy their already existing customer base. In any case, experts tend to agree that the Amazon Fire has a really great chance at succeeding even if the company can’t knock Apple or Samsung out of the top two spots because there is still a need and a market in which the phone can allow the company to compete and turn a profit.



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