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Hyundai Recalls 883,000

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Hyundai has voluntarily recalled 883,000 cars in the U.S. in an effort to fix a transmission issue that has been plaguing their Sonata sedans. The biggest issue has been with the transmissions slipping while the cars have been parked, allowing the cars to roll away. This issue has been documented according to filings that have been made with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This is one of the newest recalls hitting customers in a year that has shockingly surpassed the amount of recalls by all of the car manufacturers for the last five years.

The IssueHyundai 1

The 2011 to 2014 Sonata models have a transmission cable that has been known to separate from the gear selector and has caused the car to shift into gears that the driver hasn’t chosen. Some of the affected models have been rolling away even when the gear selector is showing that the car in is park. The company has said that in the meantime of the cars being fixed the easiest way to combat the faulty cable is when the car is in park to place the emergency brake on which will lock the car in place. The company has stated the primary issue could be the eyelet of the cable being wider than the cable tab it is attached to within the car, which would account for the separation. So far the company has already dealt with 1,171 warranty claims associated with transmission issues and roughly seven owner complaints associated with the issue. Some of the cars have been reported to Hyundai with issues that the cars have been shutting down in the drive gear. Upon the attempt to restart the car, the car is unable to restart because it is in the drive gear and not the park gear. A total of 883,000 Sonata sedans manufactured between December 11, 2009 and May 29, 2014 have been affected by this issue and the company has already stated that the repairs will begin during the third quarter. Hyundai has also issued a statement to current owners that were affected before the recall was put into effect, stating that any cost to the customers would be reimbursed to the customers by Hyundai. Although a repair schedule has not yet been provided by the company, one is short to arrive and owners will be contacted by Hyundai. Owners can also call the company at the customer service phone¬† number provided on the company’s regional websites.

Other Recalls by Hyundai

Earlier in May of this year, Hyundai had issued a recall of 137,00 Tucson’s for issues with airbag components that had a high likelihood of coming loose. It was in April of 2013 that Hyundai issued a recall on 1.9 million 2011 Sonata sedans for issues with their break lights. Other issues attributed with the break light issues were also tied into early issues with the shift locking system that was locking up and preventing the car from shifting out of park or back into park again. In an entirely separate recall which has already been affecting some of the recently released 2015 Sonatas, Hyundai has announced that 5,650 units that were manufactured between April 25, 2014 and June 16, 2014 are showing front brake calipers are more likely to fracture.

Hyundai 2Understanding the gravity of the seemingly ever constant recalls being issued by many of the more well known and deemed reliable car companies has definitely brought the long term effectiveness of the cars into question with the consumers. However, as many industry analysts agree, cars are mere machines and it is likely that some parts will always go undetected until they are out on the road. Defects are common among many of the different machines we use and the difference between a minor recall and a serious recall is all dependent upon the part that has been called into question. As with all recalls issued by the parent companies, the repairs for the breaking issues or the replacement parts and labor costs will all be covered by the manufacturers and will remain at zero cost for the customers other than having to take time out of their day to drop off the cars.

While the issued recall notice concerning the affected Sonata sedans has only been recently released, the company hasn’t noticed much of a downturn in overall sales. In comparison to many of their counterparts and competitors such as Toyota and Honda as well as some of their American brand competitors, Hyundai has continued on with strong sales figures thus far. Hyundai is one of the few brands that has been ranked yearly providing the U.S. with one of the best warranty programs available to new car customers. Hyundai may be the current car company in the hit seat when it comes to the most recent recall being issued, but the company is far from the tainted image that has been delivered by the family brands associated with General Motors which has recalled a historic and currently unmatched amount of vehicles since the beginning of the year.



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