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Rolls Royce Sales Soar

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Historically one of the most popular brands when it comes to luxury and symbols of the wealthy, Rolls Royce has announced earlier this week that there has been an overwhelming demand for their cars. These cars are by no means affordable to the average Joe, starting at a whopping $263,000 base price. There are even custom applications and options that can easily double that base price yet sales for Rolls Royce continue to soar.

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The new global elites have continued the tradition of purchasing an ever timeless and constant symbol of wealth and power. The company has been able to maintain their brand expectation for luxury while keeping up with the most up to date and modern technology. Between January and July of last year the company sold 1,475 cars while during the same period of this year the company has sold 1,968 cars. Even with the global economy constantly wavering and high unemployment the demand for Rolls Royce’s continues to climb. The 33 percent rise in sales for the company in the first half of 2014 are less about the product and what it offers and more to do with the rise of new billionaires worldwide. The brand has been able to have and maintain the expectations of the brand such as handmade interiors by master craftsmen, high end leather seating, and plaint work on the car that rivals art.

According to Forbes, there are 219 more billionaires in the world this year over last year bring the current worldwide total to 1,645 billionaires. Due to the sharp rise in the ultra rich, the ultra luxury brands such Rolls Royce are feeling the growth. Rolls Royce has been able to reel in many of these new billionaires due to the longstanding reputation and status symbol that is achieved when being an owner of the brand due to the always high cost of the brand.

The Rolls Royce Brand

The Rolls Royce brand has begun to grow even farther than in previous years. The company is owned and operated by parent company BMW which has helped to revitalize the Rolls Royce brand and bring it into the forefront of modern automobile marketing. More than 70 percent of its current customers are brand new to the brand and have been adding more and more expensive options. Many of the options available on these cars can dwarf many household incomes. Company spokesman Andrew Ball has said that the options for the brand’s cars are seemingly limitless. “It can be simple, like having your initials stitched into the headrest or the veneer…Customers enjoy this. It’s an emotional process.” The company offers just about every aspect of the interior of the car to be customizable, from the type and color of the leather, to the wood types inside, to having custom build refrigerators for the owners favorite beverages which can cost as much as a year’s cost of college.

rolls royce 2BMW has invested heavily into the Rolls Royce brand by introducing state of the art features. There are satellite assisted gearboxes that are designed to assist the driver in way that both the driver can’t anticipate as well as a powerful twin turbo V12 engine. “There are hundreds of little LEDs ser into the roof lining, it seems like the night sky when you’re driving at night.” said Ball. That feature being available in the Phantom coupe.

Rolls Royce can attribute its growth and continued success to a lifetime brand that has come to be the predominating understanding of wealth and luxury. The brand constantly out performs its competitors when it comes to opulence. Unlike the manufacturers of many super cars which are more likely to attract many wealthy in the younger age brackets, Rolls Royce continues to attract those looking for performance and class. The brand can attribute much of its success to the BMW marketing segment of the company which has not only invested heavily into the brand but continues to be the backbone of the brand in attracting a newer clientele in which to conduct business with.

Rolls Royce was purchased by German owned BMW which had bothered many older customers originally. However, the current owners and newer clients are looking on at the continued success of Rolls Royce. The brand has its sales number jumping up over the last year because it has an understanding of the importance of appealing to a newer generation of lifelong customers while maintaining the standard by which their customers have come to expect. Superior automotive performance and the craftsmanship that only Rolls Royce has come to be known for. Rolls Royce sales continue to soar because they are a traditional brand that understands success is best achieved when constantly updating and innovating to be a worldwide brand that constant delivers.



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