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Time to Shift into Real Estate Investing?

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Real Estate Investing

Is Real Estate Investing the Newest Trend?

Financial planners know that real estate investing is cyclical in nature, just the same as any other form of investment. There are times when holding assets in this category is a great idea, and times when there are better places to generate returns on investment. There are seldom, however, times when real estate is an absolute waste of money.

What the Crystal Ball Says About Real Estate Investing

For some time now, real estate has not been a particularly optimal opportunity for investment. Not only have prices collapsed and continued to drift downward, but there is a lack of qualified tenants for residential or commercial investment. That means that investors often purchase empty buildings which have to sit vacant until conditions finally started heading north again.

When it comes to real estate investing, time definitely heals all wounds. The natural increase in population gradually sucks up the oversupply of housing built during previous booms. New business formation kicks up as people find themselves unable to obtain regular jobs and thus elect to start their own companies. Foreign money continues to flee overseas markets and settle inside the United States.

Put these factors on one side of the balance. Add on the fact that mortgage rates are at levels approaching the concept of free money for the asking, and that gross market activity is finally starting to tick up on a sustained basis. That makes for a pretty substantial weight of evidence that indicates real estate is about to regain its former prominence in the investment plans of most Americans.

The old saying is that what goes up must come down, but the opposite applies as well. With regard to real estate investing, what goes down eventually comes back up, and that time appears to be now.

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