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Tips For Home Sellers

Tips For Home Sellers

With home selling season in high gear, it is important to understand sensible tips for home sellers, so you can put your best foot forward when selling your home. Even if you are not currently preparing to sell your home, understanding tips for home sellers is important information to keep in mind as you renovate your home, so you make the right renovation decisions from a home selling point of view. The bottom line is that the things you do to improve your home could make it much easier to sell it. These are not necessarily expensive updates, just sensible changes that make a big impact on prospective home buyers.

First off, put yourself in a home buyer’s shoes. As a buyer, what would you be expecting to see when you pull up to your home and when you are inside taking a look? To make this task easier, think back to when you purchased your home. What were your first impressions and what did you think was missing or needed updating. This is an excellent place to start when thinking about how to put your home up for sale.   If you have already addressed the shortcomings that you found when you first considered buying your home, then great, if not, then it is time to put a plan of action together to get your house up to the standards that you and future buyers expect.

Tips For Home Sellers | Pay Attention To The Front Exterior

Curb appeal is very important. It might sound crazy, but some prospective buyers drive up to a home, take a look from the outside and drive away, if they do not like what they see from the curb. These buyers do not even take the time to see what the home looks like on the inside.   They just assume that if the outside looks disheveled, then the inside must not be much better. Of course, this is not always the case, but as a seller, you do not want to scare potential home buyers away by presenting a home that does not show well from the outside.

Curb Appeal

The great news about improving a home’s curb appeal is that it is not necessarily a large or expensive undertaking. Just an afternoon of landscaping, such as removing any dead plants, mowing the lawn, replanting and mulching, can make a big difference. While you are at it, mow the lawn in the back yard and spruce it up for buyers that actually come in to take a look out back.

On the front exterior of the home, there are a few key areas to focus on. The front entrance area should be repainted, if necessary and generally improved by removing any clutter and adding a few flower pots or other inviting decorations. If a garage door faces the street, painting or replacing it can make a big difference when it comes to curb appeal. Finally, if the paint on the front exterior is flaking or if there are any signs of visible damage to the home, such as a damaged roof gutter or damaged roof tiles, have them repaired before you put your home on the market.

Tips For Home Sellers | Interior Improvements That Make Sense

Once prospective home buyers are inside your home, you want to make sure that it is inviting and appeals to them. Some of the tips for home sellers in this regard are rather easy and inexpensive, while others take some time to implement and may incur a considerable cost. Just keep in mind that if you want to get top dollar for your home, you have to put your best foot forward and show a home that appeals to buyers. If you find the right buyer, your efforts may pay off.

Some of the easier and less expensive interior improvements include removing clutter and as many personal items as possible. Removal of clutter will make your home appear larger on the inside. Do not forget to also remove clutter from closets and kitchen cabinets in your home, so prospective buyers do not have unexpected surprises when they open a cabinet or a door, and can easily see how much storage space is available. Limiting how many personal items you have in your home will help buyers visualize themselves living there. As potential buyers tour your home, you want them to be able to imagine where they could place their things.

Tips For Home Sellers | Work With a Local Real Estate Agent

Find a reputable local real estate agent who has a good track record regarding selling homes in your area. Unless you live in an area that has an extremely hot real estate market or just want to try to sell your home on your own, using a local real estate agent can provide you a great advantage when trying to sell your home quickly and for the best price possible. Someone who knows your area and knows a lot of local agents can ensure that the people who come to view your home are ones that are truly interested in buying it.   A local real estate agent will know the ins and outs of how real estate works in your area and will be able to get local realtors to come to a realtor open house, which showcases your home to other realtors in the area.

Tips For Home Sellers | How To List Your Home To Sell

Sell Home

One of the most important tips for home sellers is to make sure you get your listing right.   Although realtors can bring in a lot of solid prospective buyers to see your home, many buyers will find your home on their own by searching through online listings. Make sure you have a good description of your home that includes keywords that buyers are looking for and local amenities that buyers will find attractive.

For example, open floor plans are very popular these days.   If your house features an open kitchen, then make sure you list as such. If you have a new furnace or a fenced in yard, make sure buyers know this.   If a bus or train station is within walking distance, make sure you include that in your listing. If you have a park a block away, let prospective buyers know. You just never know what buyers may be looking for. The more you highlight the features in and around your home, the better chance you will find prospective home buyers that are ready to make an offer to buy your home.

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