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The Best Financial Advisor for Your Needs

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Financial Advisor

Your Goals and Insights Trump Advice from Any Financial Advisor

Sound investing depends on good advice, diversification and a financial advisor who offers personalized investing strategies, guidance when needed, and carries no conflicting loyalties. Ultimately, you bear the consequences of any decisions you make or advice you follow. Some planners only accept wealthy clients because they prefer dealing with big accounts, which gives planners more options for investing. A good example of this would be oil-drilling partnerships. Only investors with strong finances qualify for these investing opportunities.

A financial advisor earns money from flat fees, commissions or hourly rates. Commissioned planners naturally tend toward bullish outlooks on stocks and investments because they earn commissions on each trade. Many of these advisors have strong market knowledge and give good advice, but investors run the risks that their financial planners recommend frequent trades to boost their commissions.

Personal Financial Advisor for Every Investment Opportunity

Financial planning tools, such as market newsletters, online research, webinars and financial calculators make it easier for investors to do their own planning and research. A certified financial planner studies all aspects of financial planning, and many of these professionals follow strong codes of ethics that include fiduciary responsibility to their clients. Good advisors present timely advice, take time to understand your goals, recommend only those investments that fit your needs and help you learn about the consequences of investing.

Regardless of whether you choose a professional financial advisor or handle investments personally, you need to stay informed about market conditions, trends and new investment opportunities to get the best returns on investments. You should research every investment carefully before committing to a plan suggested by any financial advisor because the money you risk is your own.

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