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Easy Ways to Save Money

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One of the best ways to secure one’s future is to simply to save money by putting it away. Saving money sounds simple and in theory it is just that, but there is a little thing called life that likes to get in the way of us being able to save successfully for our future. The unexpected costs of day to day life often hampers our ability to hold onto each and every penny that can help fund our futures. Here are some easy ways to save money to help fund your retirement.

Purchasing Foodsave money

When spending your money there are some better ways to save even while spending your money. When it comes to purchasing your day to day spending there are ways to curb the amount of money you are spending on various products by purchasing alternate items to brand name products. When it comes to buying food, one of the easiest ways to save money comes when you the shopper ditch the brand names and start buying the generic or store brand items. You might have grown up on Wonder Bread but with cost continually going up on food prices, you might want to try the store brand bread. Instead of buying brand name coffee look at cheaper alternatives that will help you save even if only by a dollar or two. Instead of buying lunch every day, you are much more able to save money by bring your lunch to work. I know how routine brown bagging your lunch can be. Especially when the temptations of something other than your brown bagged lunch are wafting through the air at lunch time. Brown bagging your lunch may be old school, but it has been proven time after time to help save money. Instead of spending 10 dollars a day on lunch, it is much more cost effective to use your leftovers as lunch and maximizing your cost effectiveness on meals purchased and prepared for multiple uses.


Gas prices may have started to subside a bit but that doesn’t mean that you can take a break when trying to save money. If you drive your own car it is important to maintain the car and its engine up to par. The reason behind this is that with proper tire pressure and a well tuned engine will allow your vehicle to perform at optimum efficiency which will save you money per year. If you are a commuter than has the availability to take public transit, you are more likely to 5 to 10 dollars per trip when compared to the cost of taking a cab. For those of us that tend to travel a little bit farther say by plane, one of the biggest growing trends is the use of discount airlines. When the word discount comes into play, we often worry about how much the services are discounted to match the price. If you are having any qualms about taking a discount airline company to help you get to your destination; remember that all of these discount airline companies still have to abide by the same safety standards of the bigger airlines. In fact many consumers are steadily realizing that the discount airliners have more to offer their customers than the bigger airline companies have been able to in recent years.

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One of the biggest money dumps in this country stem from the mentality that bigger is undoubtedly better. That is not always the case when it comes to saving money. Many Americans have been downsizing their living spaces when comparing the amount of space they are using and the cost of that space. Many people have given up on the bigger homes and have essentially downgraded to renting closer to their jobs. The benefit to moving closer to your job is one of the easiest ways to save money. By knocking off 5,000 miles per year in a daily commute, you can save yourself at the very least 1,000 dollars. If you are choosing to stay in the place you have already purchased, you will inevitably need to do some home repairs. The easiest way to cut your costs in these types of endeavors is to stick with time tested and approved contractors that have either helped your friends or family, and never pay in full before any job is completed!

Whether you are looking to save on housing costs, transportation costs, or food costs, you will be able to save on you day to day costs by following these tips mentioned above. When it comes to saving money the first step is always using your common sense. Spend smartly by not over indulging in costs that can better be avoided by spending your money on purchases that will last longer rather than short term gains.


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