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More Great Ways to Save Money

There is never a cap on the assortment of techniques you can use to save money. Whether it’s short term saving for a certain event like a birthday or holiday or long-term saving like retirement, it’s important for every person to have a financial cushion, regardless of age. We’ve recently been showing you a variety of ways to save money, including on vacation, going to college, and even for your nest egg

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As I hope these priceless strategies have assisted you, I have also found an assortment of new tips, tricks, and other ways to save money that you should definitely know. Some are for specific situations, while others can be applied in a more broader sense. Take a look below to see the collection we have for you this week, so you can save more and plan for the future much more effectively.

5 New Ways to Save Money

Conserve Energy: It’s surprising, but many people are unaware of how much they actually spend on their utilities. Your gas, water, and electric bills can quickly add up, especially if you or your children are living in excess. Make sure that the lights and appliances are turned off in any room not being used, and keep your thermostat set during the day to keep your air conditioning or heating from turning on. There’s no point in keeping an empty house warm or cool… Also be sure to purchase any new appliances that are marked with an Energy Star rating to avoid utilizing appliances that require a ridiculous amount of energy.

Stay Handy, DIY Projects: If you see that your sink is leaking or missing grout in your tiles do not retreat for the phone and call up a handyman or plumber. Even though a professional service can be more convenient, save the money and make it into a weekend project. With a few DIY books or articles, you can easily find solutions to basic problems like the ones mentioned above. You will wind up paying less for the parts and save yourself hundreds in labor.

Stop Wasting Gas, Take a Walk: There are many times we’ll return home from the store down the block only to realize we forgot to pick up milk or some other necessity. If it’s a nice day out and you are not tight on time, leave the car keys at home and take a stroll. Even in short distances, driving can eat up a lot of unnecessary gas each time you start your car. You can get the most out of your gas by using it for commuting to work and large errands. It’s a great way to stay healthy while also enjoying the outdoors.

Family Fun at the Park: Taking the family out can become ridiculously expensive. An outing to the local movie theater alone can cost you at least $100 and that’s only for the tickets! A great activity for you and your family is to simply take a trip to a local park, or make it a day trip by going on a hike. Not only will you spend more time actually socializing with your family (which never happens at a movie theater) but you are also instilling great healthy habits for your children to live by.

Stop Eating Out: I know the last thing many people want to do when they get home is cook. It’s a lot easier to simply call for takeout or pick up fast food on the way home. Not only do you wind up spending more on a week of takeout or fast food meals than you would on groceries, but you are doing serious damage to your body. Fast food is not high quality food, and will clog your arteries faster than eating a pound of bacon. When leaving work, call your significant other and work together to create a meal. Once arriving home you can even enlist the help of your children to cook the meal with you, giving you even more time to spend with your family.

The Benefit of Saving Money

In my past posts I have gone into great detail demonstrating the various benefits of saving money. To keep it from becoming repetitive, let’s quickly take a look at five major benefits from starting to save money now.

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1. Financial Stability: For those of you living from paycheck to paycheck, you know how difficult life can truly be. Without putting any money aside you won’t be prepared when unexpected events occur like home renovations, a new car, or even a medical emergency. Having some money tucked away in a savings account can greatly affect how you are able to deal with life’s collection of curveballs, ensuring a stable foundation for you and your family.

2. Stress Reduced: Any person who has ever been in a financial rut knows about the physical effects stress can have on you. It’s scary to think, but those living each day under duress are slowly shaving years off of their lives. Stress can lead to other ailments like depression, or can put you on the verge of having a heart attack or stroke. By simply putting aside some money from each check, you can slowly start reducing the amount of stress in your life. Not only will you live a longer, happier life, but will be able to support yourself through it.

3. Live Comfortably: When I say live comfortably, I don’t mean in any luxurious manner. You could strive for that, though it will be anything but easy. What I mean by comfortable living is absence of constant worry and stress. It’s similar to the benefit listed above, but extends much further. Being able to treat your family to a nice vacation away from the norm can not only be relaxing but also empowering. You successfully continue to prove that support your family as well as yourself which is great for the self-esteem.

4. Good Habit for Life: Getting into the habit of saving money wherever you can has a plethora of residual effects. You are not only gaining financial stability and living in better health, but you are also gaining these subconscious habits that continue to improve your money saving skills. Before long living on a smaller budget as you save a portion of your check will get you in the habit of living on less, which will also help you stretch money out when it’s time for you to retire.

5. For Your Children: For starters, children seeing their parents stressing about money can have long-term effects. It can cause these subconscious triggers that they will carry throughout their life. For some children it can even be more difficult to get into the habit of saving money as they’ve had no real experience doing so. It can also cause children to grow up into adults with reckless spending habits who have no long term thoughts about finances. By getting in the habit of saving money, you can be a good role model for your children and help them get on the right track as they grow up.

Save Money Today and Make Your Future Brighter

As you can see by the new tips, tricks, and ways to save money we have provided here can have amazing benefits on you and your family’s life. While it may be difficult at first, getting into the habit of saving money will not only help you live a longer healthier life, but will also help your children live enhanced lives as well. It’s up to you to make the decision to begin, we can only provide you with the different ways to save money!

How do you save money day to day? Let us know!

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