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ATTN Business Owners: Top 5 Tools to Increase Exposure and Save Money

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Why Your Web Presence is So Important

Now I know that this is your go-to spot for all penny stock related aspects, but I also understand that you are an individual with a life as well. While your hobby may be penny stocks and trading online, you most likely have a job to pay bills and monthly expenses. Some of you may even be entrepreneurs with their own business. For those of you sole proprietors and bootstrappers, a major issue you may face is your business’ online reach. Many times, business owners are at their wit’s end when they attempt to increase exposure online.


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For one, the amount of time and effort your online presence requires can be equivalent to a second full-time job. Consider it this way, unlike an actual storefront property that has specific hours of operation, your website is always open. While your storefront maybe closed, your website is still working hard to get you leads and more clients. Because of this, it is extremely important to do everything you can to increase exposure whatever ways you can. This process doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need to make sure you are using the right tools in the right ways. One of the biggest factors when looking to increase exposure is to use your time effectively. There’s a lot more work involved than just posting a few statuses here and there.

With that being said, many of you business owners are working with limited budgets for additional hands to assist you. Well, rather than spending tens of thousands employing a professional, I will show you how to increase exposure online for better results without spending a penny. That way, more cash stays in your pocket, and you are able to get back to the things you love like trading penny stocks!

How to Increase Exposure Online for Better Results

As I mentioned earlier, your website is your 24/7 storefront. It’s a resource of information for all of your potential and current clients. It’s important to use your website effectively so you can increase exposure and conversions. Besides being a digital storefront, your website also conveys your sales pitch to all potential clients. For those who are visiting your site without ever speaking a word to you, they need to be able to locate all of the information to answer their typical questions with ease. To do this, you need to make sure your website contains the necessary flow to easily guide all of your visitors from one place to another.

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Besides working on your website to refine your sales process, you need to make sure you are active in other platforms as well to effective increase exposure online. Here are the five best ways to do so, without spending a penny.

The 5 Best Ways to Increase Exposure Online

1. Facebook and Twitter: With both of these social media platforms being the leaders in connecting with consumers, actively engaging users on both is a must. It’s important to not only set up a professional profile for yourself, but also a specific page for your business on both Twitter and Facebook. This way, your current clients have the necessary resources to locate pertinent information in addition to staying updated on weekly promotions, daily updates and more. These platforms are also great for sharing engaging content, whether it’s something you created or something you’ve come across. Actively updating and corresponding with fans are a great way to gain referrals and increase exposure. Other social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are also good platforms to increase exposure on as well, especially for product and food driven businesses.

2. Google+ and Communities: Google+ falls into its own section because it is extremely important to be active on this platform as well. With it’s constantly growing user-base, Google+ is perfect for business owners looking to share their knowledgeable information with fellow peers and potential clients. If you will be blogging (which you should be) than you MUST have a Google+ profile to help increase your authorship ranking. Not only will this make your posts look more attractive in search results (adding a profile image to the blog title) but will also reflect your content’s credibility. The more your content is shared and liked, the more Google will push your content in results. Besides utilizing Google+ for authorship ranking, this platform also offers you the opportunity to join an unlimited amount of communities. These groups are made up of like-minded individuals looking to network with fellow professionals. It’s a great way to meet industry influencers and share your content.

*Note*With the three of these above-mentioned tools, definitely utilize the hashtag feature. This is something that was introduced with Twitter that is now being utilized on all of the other platforms. This will help you narrow down your posts and put them in front of the interested minds. For example, say you are posting an update about ways to save money this summer. Your hashtag set could simply be: #summersavings #savemoney #summerfun and so on. Think simple, but also be creative!

3. Blogging: Another great way to increase exposure without spending a dime is to consistently blog. You can write about a wide variety of topics, just make sure all of your content falls into your industry. Blogging is a great way to offer visitors a more personal connection to you, while also offering them a treasure trove of valuable information. You can use your blogs to offer knowledgeable insights into your industry while also offering advice to those interested in your services. You can use sites like WordPress and Typepad to do so, and can even integrate your domain to give it a more professional appearance. Be sure to identify the audience you are writing for and have a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish with your post.

4. Comparison Analysis Tools: Many times, the best way to figure out valuable blog topics is to take a look at what the competition is writing about. What topics or trends are your competitors focusing on, and can you offer better insight? Besides just scouring through their posts, you can use tools like Open Site Explorer and SEM Rush for free to identify what keywords your competition is coming up for and how they are currently ranking. By creating content that effectively beats the competition you will not only position yourself as the go-to authority but will also increase exposure along the way.

5. Link Building: Link building goes hand in hand with blogging and the social media platforms. One of the best ways to increase exposure is to have your content shared across the web. The best way to do this is to put your content in front of your industry’s influencers while also creating a relationship with the influencer. Never flat out ask a fellow blogger to share your content, it’s always good to offer compliments or suggestions on their posts before asking for a favor. In the end, that’s exactly what link building is, a favor. You are asking this influencer to promote your content based on it’s value. The more influencers that feature your content the more exposure you will gain. By having credible influencers share your content, your website’s domain and page authority will also increase. This will be what helps you position yourself as a credible authority and climb the search results. A great tool to use to identify industry influencers in the Twitter-Sphere is FollowerWonk. You can search users based on specific keywords and follow those with high engagement and social authority. Remember to maintain the relationship though, or else your link building will not be effective.

Increase Exposure While Saving Hundreds

Besides helping you increase exposure and strengthening your website, all of the tools mentioned above are absolutely free to utilize. Some may have limitations, but utilizing them for blogging and link building should not go beyond their set restrictions. While these tools require some substantial time to set up, keeping up with your efforts can be done in a few hours each night. By utilizing these resources each day, you will alleviate yourself from acquiring additional employees, saving yourself hundreds if not thousands in compensation. It may take some time to get into the rhythm of blogging and posting, but practicing it consistently will help. After a while using these resources will become second nature, and you can use your past efforts and results as a great case study or white paper down the road. If you are not utilizing certain tools mentioned above, I would change that as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the sooner you will start reaping the benefits!

What tools do you currently use for your business? Are you paying for them? Are you using any of the platforms and resources mentioned above??

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