3 American Companies on the Rise

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The new year is settling in nicely, as we are again getting into the swing of things. As of January 1st, the new financial quarter began without too many issues. Within the last week or so, the 4th quarter earnings reports have been released, and some companies have displayed record profits and are also projecting big profits for the new year. If you are looking for investment options over the next year, take a closer look at these 3 American companies on the rise.


Early this week, Chrysler released its 4th quarter earnings report that stated that they have more than doubled their profits over the last year. According to Chrysler, the reasoning being behind their 4th quarter success to tax breaks by the U.S. government as well as a resurface of a stronger market in the U.S. Let us not forget that Fiat bought into Chrysler about three or four years ago, and with that the investments made by Fiat have improved the products being produced and sold by Chrysler. The American car companies have long been plagued with the understanding that the cars were gas guzzling. With foreign car companies that had entered into the markets, were slowly surfacing but creating a much more fuel efficient and better quality car. However, within the last few years, Fiat’s engineers have introduced their fuel saving technology while not crippling the style of what the American company produces, making the overall product both economically appealing and yet able to retain its stylish appeal in the American market. With all of this, and projection of further success, Chrysler is proving itself to be a better managed and functioning company with the possibility to be the powerhouse company it once was, which would give a boost in overall stock value.

3 American Companies on the RiseBoeing

As if Boeing needed another reason to be on a list as far as a stable and worthwhile stocks. Boeing has released reports on the increase in manufacturing that will be placed due to the overwhelming amounts of order that have been placed by various airlines for the new year. The newer models of the 737’s and the 787’s are much sought after being top of the line, are set to replace their current models and worldwide work horse, the 767. Boeing is projecting to make a profit next year of upwards of 90 billion dollars just in revenue. Over the last few decades, Boeing has continually been strong in the stock market, and with this boost in orders, with airlines all around the world placing orders for top of the line jets, will only boost the profits of the company which caters not only to the private and commercials sectors, but also maintains strong governmental and military contracts as well. Boeing has a strong customer base and has long been on the forefront of innovation as well as quality in the commercial jet aircraft industry. If you are looking to buy stock in a company that has long been established as an industry leader and has remained on top of their industry since their inception as an aircraft manufacturer., then Boeing is the company for you. Their place in their aircraft industry solely on the commercial side has been almost unchallenged, and posts even in a flailing global economy, strong stock prices and long term financial growth. Boeing has offered their investors something that we often do not see in the stock market, that of a safe bet, which is all the more reason to focus your attentions and buying power on Boeing stocks.


The telecommunication company posted strong sales in last year’s 4th quarter, finishing the quarter up with roughly 6.9 billion dollars in revenue…just in the last quarter. For the year, AT&T, which is the largest telecommunications company in the United States made a whopping 32.6 billion dollars last year. Just in the 4th quarter, AT&T reported that picked up nearly a million customers before the year’s end. Between adding consumers and actual hardware sold, it isn’t difficult to see that AT&T is one of the largest and most stable companies in their industry. Like most companies that product services and retain a multi-billion dollar yearly revenue, the amount of structure and safety when buying stock is ultimately the record for performance that you will being paying for, with stock prices significantly elevated over that of their industry competitors, however, you are also paying for continued success.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are looking to invest in when dealing with American companies, because regardless of the industries themselves, these three companies have proven in an economy that has been shaky for the average citizen, there is still profit to be made. The comfort zone for any investor can be found in the continued successes and overall wealth building made by these three companies which continue to outperform their competition, and maintain leaders in their specific categories.

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