4 Companies of the Drone Uprising

Drones are becoming less of a thing of fantasy and more of the wave of the future. Perhaps the reason drones have become so popular is their ability to perform a multitude of functions at a much cheaper cost than if a human were to perform the same action. Drones were first popularized in recent years with their application on the battlefield but in time drones may be delivering you packages, news, or even the connectivity. Here are 4 companies that are contributing to the drone uprising.

One: Google

Google, who knew a tech company would be a main contributor to the drone uprising! Google has made it clear that drones will have a place in their future. The company had acquired Titan Aerospace in the early part of the year with the hopes of furthering the ability of connectivity via the internet. Titan Aerospace is a company that has been making quite a splash in the drone production industry. The company boasts that their drones can orbit the Earth for up to five years without refueling due to the solar technology that powers the engines on the jet sized aircraft. Google’s current dream is to have a fleet of these solar powered high altitude flying drones at their disposal in which will help them connect the world with efficient internet connectivity. The purpose of these drones is not to add to the over 50 billion dollar annual revenue but to help beam the internet down to areas where in infrastructure that supports more modernized countries, doesn’t exist. However Google will remain on the forefront and cutting edge of internet providing technology.

Two: Amazondrone 2

Let’s take this in a different direction because Amazon has really been pushing for the more commercialized applications of package delivery when it comes to drone technology. The e-commerce giant has been quoted in saying that “…one day, seeing Amazon Prime Air will be as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road today, resulting in enormous benefits for consumers across the nation.” Amazon was one of the first companies to invest in and help produce what they call the Octocopter which the company believes will help them cut shipping costs, delivery waiting times, and overall customer satisfaction. These drones won’t be whizzing by your house just yet as they still require much testing and the approval by the Federal Aviation Administration. Right now drones don’t play much of a role in the retail or e-commerce but it isn’t hard to envision how the future will shape out with the soon to be mass produced drone technology.

Three: Boeing

Another shocker! A company that already is one of the main contributors to commercial and military aircraft. Boeing is a major world leader when it comes to providing long lasting and efficient aircraft for all sorts of usage. Millions if not billions of people have had the luxury of travelling by the seat of their pants in manned aircraft produced by Boeing. The company has made a fortune over the years supplying both commercial and military applications of the aeronautical engineering. The company has already produced a drone called the Phantom Eye which can fly consistently at 65,000 feet for four days. The application of this drone in the military sense can provide troops with ongoing and up to the minute intelligence and communications. Other than this one drone, the company has produce a number of drones for the U.S. military as well as the Unmanned Little Bird Drone Helicopter which has already been used by the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps for tactical supply and retrieval missions.

Four: AeroVironmentdrone 1

AeroVironment is probably the only company on this list that you might not have ever heard of, or at least I didn’t. The company is California based and is probably one of the closest companies that is purely devoted to be a pure drone firm. AeroVironment generated 209 million dollars in revenue in unmanned aircraft systems which contribute to about 80 percent of the company’s total sales. The company is most notably known for building a Nano Hummingbird which is small enough to hold in your hand. The company is responsible for producing a plethora of small light weight drones that is capable for domestic recreational use or has the ability to be used for military applications.

These four above mentioned companies are all on the cutting edge of drone technology that have the ability to be used for a multitude of applications. From military use to the commercial use, drones are helping to pave the way of the future. The drone market is shaping the world around it as modernized nations are interested in the ability for add to national security and retailers the ability to ship more efficiently to their customers. And of course, like many internet and telecommunication companies are also becoming vested in, is making the world a little smaller by introducing the connectivity that drone aircraft will provide.


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