4th Quarter Strong, 1st Quarter Weary

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Fourth quarter sales that ended in December were primarily strong across the board for the U.S. stock market trading companies. As strong as the market ended, and with many companies hitting their projected profit margins, or as with Chrysler, exceeding what the competition had been projected to hit, still kept buyers at bay. With the first of January being the beginning of a new quarter, potential buyers of stocks being traded on the market trading floor has left many investors and would be investors hesitant in buying up new stocks. Unlike in more traditional times and more stable markets, buyers would be more likely to bet their money against the norm, and hope for an upward swing in buying patterns and sales projections for would be profit margins, but with a global economy just as shaky as the U.S. economy, the market is as its buyers are, 4th quarter strong, 1st quarter weary.

4th Quarter Strong, 1st Quarter Weary Amazon

Amazon, which finished out its 4th quarter sales well into the double digit billions, still came in under what the company was projected to make in the holiday season ($19.9 Billion) that most retailers, online and physical alike, tend to make the most profit. However, the stock price remained slightly lower than it should have. Most experts agree that this happening was not a critical occurrence because the retailer was still a strong with room to grow. Just like when it comes to personal finance, the ability to grow financially sound and with the mindedness to wealth build for a stable and secure future, ¬†the same must also be a necessity for a business to have the ability to grow and secure its place within the future. Amazon has that ability and the business model trajectory to accomplish this task. While it had a stable and profitable 4th quarter, it has been taking its profits and funneling them down into its smaller owned subsidiary companies and reinvesting within the capability and distribution lines to keep the company not only afloat, but profitable. While many investors understand that the deflated price of Amazon’s stock was only a temporary stance and price, that the company as a whole is proven and established to make it long term, defining this company as a valuable and worthwhile long term safe investment. The downturn in stock price was not that of a crippling effect, and most experts and analysts agree that within the coming weeks, Amazon stock would return to the epitaph it was once at.


Sales for Chrysler are up, in comparison to its GM and Ford counter parts. In fact, Chrysler’s Jeep and Ram Trucks are up a total 7% over their competitors, to which representatives from Ford and Gm accredit this lack of sales to the cold weather that has plagued the country within the last financial quarter. The car industry itself as seen some varying and shaky numbers across the board depending on what brand you are looking at. Many of the Japanese companies have been posting strong sales throughout the last quarter, both Toyota and Nissan are up, yet Honda is lacking. Chrysler is up yet Ford and GM are also lacking. The higher end brands have stagnated within the last quarter leaving little room for improvement due to the market in which these brands are advertised and afforded to. Chrysler has seen a jump in sales, primary because of the fuel saving technology that has been introduced by its FIAT engineering side, and by the newer market stance to combat foreign companies. While Chrysler is not entirely out the woods, so to say, their increase in profit has not directly helped to raise stock prices, or further a spell of buying on the trading floor. Even a strong 4th quarter cannot entirely downplay the last 20 years of faulty investments and gas guzzling technology.

Apple4th Quarter Strong, 1st Quarter Weary 2

Apple has been a strong stock to follow within the last couple years, but with iPhone 5 sales down within the last quarter, Apple’s stock prices have suffered. Now Apple has hit a record in cell phone sales, topping what the iPhone 4 and 4s sold, with over 51 million in phone sales, but fell short around 3 to 4 million in sales. The Apple stock took a 7 percent fall reducing the overall companies value. Such a hit to Apple has made the overall worth of the company has decreased roughly 34 million dollars in just one quarter. Failing phone sales are not the only cause to alarm, but have become a major thorn to investors looking to invest money in Apple stocks. The market has also noticed that there has been somewhat of a trend in selling off Apple stock only further the devaluing effect.

While these and other companies have shown internal as well as industry record breaking quarters for profit margins, the expectations by industry speculators and market experts alike, the investors on Wall Street have been more conservative in their spending habits with a distrust not only within the American economy and economic state but also with that of the world economic state, leaving many companies in the short falls of where ideally they’d like their stock prices to remain at.


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