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Apple Stock Dropped Under $400 This Past Monday

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Hopefully Apple’s CEO Timothy Cook has something up his sleeve after hitting a low of $398.05 midday this past Monday. This is the first time Apple stock dropped under $400 in the past sixteen months. As the market closed for the day Apple recovered a few dollars closing at the stock price of $402.54 in the NASDAQ. After a promising rise at the start of their World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) their stock began to drop for the past two weeks. Here, we’ll take a look at other points when Apple’s stock was in the news and what we could possibly speculate as the reasoning behind Apple’s decline, and what the future holds for the technological titans.

Apple Stock in the News

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Apple (AAPL) has never been one to be neglected by reporters and headlines with announcements and releases on upcoming software or events. Most recently we saw the premiere of the new Steve Jobs biopic titled “Jobs” starring Ashton Kutcher as the innovative genius and his journey with Apple. Add this to the constant buzz surround Apple’s latest operating system iOS7 and the “leaked” iPhone 5S photos to create a dizzying frenzy of everything Apple.

The last time Apple stock prices were in the news was mid April where Apple’s stock dropped below $400 for the first time in sixteen months. Over the last nine months Apple’s stock price has continued to steadily drop which came as a shocker to those who thought the recently announced dividend program would put a spring back in the stock’s step. Even a projected $100 billion payout plan for all investors by 2015 wasn’t enough to get Apple’s stock to rise. We will get into why Apple stock is falling soon enough.

History of Apple Stock

While Apple’s products have made the innovative company household names, their stock has seen better days. Investors and analysts alike seem to be having a problem honing in on target prices and projections, besides one character who we will talk about in the next section. The last time Apple stock price went below $400 was in December 2011. Compared to June, May was a much better month for investors with Apple stock price peaking at $450. As stated above, that was due to the excitement and hype surrounding WWDC ‘13. With June coming to a close, analysts are wondering how Apple will hit their target prices as investors are hoping Cook has an Ace in the hole.

Why is Apple Stock Is Falling?

Apple Stock Drops

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Now, we’ll look at the possible reasons why Apple stock is falling. There has been an assortment of hearsay and rumors surrounding the new iPhone 5S and iOS7. Last Friday however, Peter Misek of Jefferies & Company reported to clients that Apple will be producing fewer iPhones than they originally expected for the rest of this year. Combining that with the initial folly of Apple Maps to understand it’s current reflection to Apple’s stock prices. It seems that Misek is one of the few analysts at this point who has a clear pulse on Apple stock, but how long will it last? Will the iPhone 5S not be enough to put Apple stock price rising once again?

Apple Stock Predictions: Is It A Good Time to Buy Apple Stock?

At this point, it could be a good time to talk to your broker about adding Apple to your portfolio. Apple stock price has not dipped below $400 in almost sixteen months, and the fall season could bring Apple back to the top. History has shown a drastic increase in stock price whenever Apple releases a new product. With two products being set to launch in the next few months you may benefit from buying Apple stock now at a low point of just over $400. Their new products and the upcoming Steve Jobs movie can be the game changer Apple has been looking for.

Even Timothy Cook has his fingers crossed for a great end to this year as he recently changed his stock compensation. Upon his request, Cook’s compensation will now be focused on Apple’s actual progress. With his stock options currently valued at $413 million Cook has a lot to lose if Apple continues to perform poorly.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s recent market low? Are you considering buying stock in Apple? Do you think their upcoming releases will be enough for them to hit projected target prices? Let us know!

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