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Understanding the Dragon Oil Share Price

About the Company and the Dragon Oil Share Price

dragon oil share price

Before exploring the Dragon Oil share price, one should know a bit about the company. Dragon Oil’s headquarters are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At this time, the Dubai government holds 51% of the company’s shares. Dragon Oil is registered in Ireland, and it has primary listings in both the Irish and London stock exchanges.

The company operates within the oil and gas industries, and it draws its primary assets from the Cheleken Contract Area, which exists in the southeastern part of the Caspian Sea off the coast of Turkmenistan. The company employs over 1,100 people, 1,000 of who work in Turkmenistan. Most of the workers in Turkmenistan are natives of the country. In fact, Dragon Oil has invested more into Turkmenistan’s economy than any other company. Dragon Oil employees not based in Turkmenistan operate out of the firm’s headquarters in Dubai. Because of the diverse nature of its workforce, Dragon Oil is well known as a company that values its ties with various international cultures.

The company has enjoyed a very profitable business lately, and the future looks bright with plans to expand drilling for additional assets. The CEO of Dragon Oil promises that the company will focus on continuing its work in the Cheleken Contract Area, monetizing its gas assets, and enhancing the company’s value by acquiring more assets. At the time of this writing, the Dragon Oil share price is 556.00p, which translates to about $9.00 U.S. per share. Considering the company’s bright future, it is likely that the Dragon Oil share price will steadily rise.

The Dragon Oil Share Price is Moving Upward

Because Dragon Oil is so focused on its future and its ability to remain profitable in the coming years, the price for a share of the company’s stock continues to climb. Though charts of the share price indicate some peaks and valleys, a closer look reveals that the price is trending upward through time. Smart investors will surely consider Dragon Oil seriously as a powerful player in the field of energy. The Dragon Oil share price will certainly soar with continued growth and interest in the company.

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