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Facebook May Acquire Titan Aerospace

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Just a couple of weeks after Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp, the company is looking at a new purchase. New talks have been underway in the possibility of Facebook acquiring a drone manufacturing company, Titan Aerospace, that builds upper atmosphere solar powered unmanned drones. With every new purchase, the Facebook stock price per share has jumped and the same in stock value per share is expected to behave just the same. Facebook continually surprises the market with a very aggressive non threatening philosophy allowing the company to achieve its own industry and personal goals, and helping to set a new standard. Continue below to see how this acquisition would affect both companies and the world when it comes to connectivity of the internet and allowing the other 2/3 of the planet the ability of accessing the internet.Facebook may acquire Titan Aerospace, so read on to see how it might affect the world you know.

What is Titan Aerospace?facebook may acquire titan aerospace

As described on their website, “Titan Aerospace (‘Titan’) provides persistent solar atmospheric satellite platforms to global customers for easy access to real-time-high-resolution images of earth, voice and data services, and other atmospheric-based sensor systems.” The company sees itself as the more affordable solution to companies looking for satellite grade technology without having to launch a satellite. Instead Titan Aerospace builds solar powered unmanned drones that fly high above both commercial and military aircraft in the upper atmosphere and relay information to and from the aircraft. The environmental impact or lack thereof, by introducing a technology to better connectivity and data collection for the world with a product that emits no exhaust and runs on a continual renewable resource, is what has attracted Facebook and many other companies to Titan Aerospace. The company was founded in 2012 and is seeing massive amounts of support from the data and communication industry in such a short span of existence.

Why would Facebook want it?

Facebook has been very vocal in the past few years about its aspirations to provide more of the planet’s people with internet access. This buyout would help further along that dream. By having drones circle the Earth at little to no cost, due to the powering of the aircraft being dependent on solar power, makes having Titan Aerospace a worthwhile investment. It is currently being speculated that if a buyout were to occur, it would be worth upwards of $60 million dollars. A much smaller cost than some of their more recent purchases, but possibly this investment will be one of the more effective and hands on in realizing connectivity throughout the world.

facebook may acquire titan aerospace 3Much like the WhatsApp purchase, the general understanding of how both companies would continue to run, reverts to the same kind of deal. In this case, Facebook would have to commit to fronting the cash to produce over 11,000 brand new drones to build up its fleet. This would be in addition to the buyout. Facebook says that it would use these drones to help provide internet access across the planet. The drones to be produced will be the “Solara 60” which is the most advanced and capable drone produced by the company. Titan Aerospace boasts that the drones can fly for over five years consecutively without needing to land or be serviced, making such an investment cost effective.

The concept isn’t all that new

While the concept of bringing internet access around the world sounds good in theory, it isn’t the only one out there. Many other technology companies and internet providers have also thought up similar scenarios in which they would be able to serve more of the population; especially those in the more hard to reach parts of the world. Even Google has a project in the research and development stage thus far, looking at the usage of high altitude WiFi capable weather balloons. Google’s understanding that it is cheaper and easier to set up a network via a number of weather balloons bouncing WiFi over a large area being fed from a central location that is physically connected to broadband. Slightly different from the Titan model, but following the same concept in connecting the world.

If Facebook buys Titan Aerospace, it will add to the list of buyouts for Facebook all leading the company closer towards its overall corporate goal of the globalization of access. Making the internet accessible to the rest of the world is something that the higher ups of Facebook and other internet based companies have been dreaming of, as to date less than 10% of the overall world population is connected to the internet. Much like how capitalist nations rely on the establishment of new free markets to cultivate economies, Facebook has applied the same knowledge of established economies towards their own industry. Facebook stock prices will also be on the watch to see how high they will spike prior to and after, should the acquisition take place.

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