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Speculation Surrounding The Facebook Stock Symbol

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Many Wonder What the Facebook Stock Symbol Will Be

Facebook Stock SymbolAmidst news of the largest website in the world going public, many wonder what founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg will decide on as the Facebook stock symbol. It is common for companies to use letters to spell out their name, unfortunately in the case of Facebook, there are not too many options.

Abbreviations are a top choice for many businesses with more than one word in their title, while others will use a word that the public easily relates to their business. The media has been frothing the waters with speculation and public surveys regarding the internet giants’ choice. It is important that the Facebook stock symbol be something easily identifiable to investors, however, with the level of fame the social media site enjoys it should not be difficult to find.

The results of myriad public polls and online surveys have resulted in some very common suggestions for the people in charge of deciding. Considering that it will be the public buying the shares, many have implied that a majority opinion will sway the resulting decision.

 The Financial Media is Buzzing with Speculation Surrounding the Facebook Stock Symbol

 The most commonly recurring Facebook stock symbol suggestion of online polling has been simply the letters FB. That vote is in no way unanimous, tying at second most popular are POKE and FCBK. A comment from one participant suggested that the brass at Facebook lacked the sense of humor to elect POKE.

According to Facebook Statistics claims as of 2012, there are 800 million active users on their network. The fact that Microsoft owns less than a two percent share of Facebook may not deter them from having a say in the matter. With a subscriber base at close to a billion strong, it is a good possibility that the Facebook stock symbol may be decided by their loyal followers.

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