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The Future of Fossil Fuels

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Energy costs continue to rise upwards as new technologies try to breach the gap between environmentally friendly and cost effective. The green revolution took hold a couple of years ago as people sought to manufacture and use a cleaner less harmful source of energy to fuel their everyday lives. There is currently a mass march in Manhattan as protesters demonstrate against climate change. Even with companies like Tesla and ALTe EV Technologies which are trying to transform the way we power our vehicles, it would seem that the future of fossil fuels would be very much a part of the future as well.

The Different Fuelsfuels 1

According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency there are eight different sources of energy that can be harvested for use. One of the reasons that fossil fuels are relatively cheap would be due to the fact that the global economy has been built up on the gasoline and diesel infrastructure. Many of us depend on the various types of energies that allow us to conduct our day to day.

Conventional Coal: One of the oldest sources of fuel, coal is mined from the Earth and has historically been the building blocks of modernization for various countries. Currently there is much of a demand for various Asian countries that are in the middle of modernizing their economic infrastructures. China and India are two countries most demanding of coal which is one of the most cheap forms of fuel.

Natural gas: Natural gas is one of the most abundant sources of fuel that is usually both cleaner and cheaper to use than coal. It is also one of the biggest resources in the U.S. which makes exporting the gas very profitable for the U.S.

Oil: Oil is one of the most widely recognized fossil fuel because of its wide usage as a transportation fuel. Cars, trucks, planes, trains and ship all run on either oil or a divertive of oil to further the transportation of either people or cargo. While the prices for oil typically tend to rise due to international tensions, it is also one of the major contributors to green house gases that are heating the planet.

Wind: Wind based energy is only slightly cheaper than coal depending on its location. Land based wind farms are slightly cheaper than conventional coal but requires larger lots of land where electricity can be generated and are typically both an eye sore and very noisy. There are also wind farms that are based off shore but tends to be more expensive than the cost of using traditional coal.

Nuclear: Nuclear power is very cheap and much cleaner than the use of conventional coal but there are limitations on this type of energy. For obvious reasons the ability to use nuclear technology is limited among certain global powers due to safety issues and regional tensions where one might try weaponizing instead of providing cheap clean power.

Solar Power: Solar power while abundant and completely dependent upon the amount of sunshine available for the panel cells to pick up is also extremely costly when compared to the other sources of energy fuels.

Hydropower: Hydropower much cheaper than the use of coal as a source of power. The only problem that exists when talking about hydropower is the construction of dams that are needed in order to generate the amount of power that would be both sustainable and cost effective, construction that often hurts the environments around the dams.

Biomass Energy: Biomass energy is slightly more expensive than the use of traditional coal, it like hydropower often has negative effects on environment surrounding it. Biomass and the cultivating of certain plants and crops often can have significant consequences that are not limited to deforestation.

The Rise of Technologyfuels 2

As the need to power our future continues to rise with new nations trying to modernize on a nearly daily basis, so too does the desire to have technology try and help bridge the gap between cost effective energy and be eco-friendly. Tesla and ALTe EV Technologies have both pioneered the automotive world into allowing us to enjoy the freedom of driving and have an almost zero negative effect on the environment. While the technology for electric vehicles has gained much support in recent years, electric vehicle sales in the U.S. make up far less than one percent of all vehicles sales in the country. Many analysts believe that coal will surpass oil as the top world fuel by as early as 2020. However if this comes to pass the detriment to the environment will be horrific which is one of the reasons that there is protesting going on in Manhattan, the day before a massive U.N. meeting.

The future of fossil fuels is very much a part of the recent future and the future of modernization of developing countries. Coal and oil are two of the most cheap and cost effective fuels that can allow economies to soar while keeping high cost low. It will be interesting to see how technology combats rising fuel costs while keeping the environment safe.



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